Beliefnet Acquires Patheos

I wonder if this has something to do with the “Compulsory Organ Donation Agreement for Patheos Writers Over 55” memo I got.  I mean, I’m willing to take one for the team, but I still feel like I have a few productive years left. And let me add that this is definitely Real Mark Shea writing [Read More…]

Lizzie Scalia (aka “The Anchoress, aka “Fearless Leader of the Patheos Catholic Channel”)…

…gets interviewed over at America.  The Hardest Working Woman in Catholic Media acquits herself very well methinks.  I’ve always loved Lizzie. [Read more…]

Acts of the Apostasy Comes to Patheos

Here’s how LarryD agreed to become one with the Blorg: [Read more…]

Simcha Fisher and Mark Shea: Learn to Spot the Subtle but Telltale Differences

It has been brought to my attention that some readers are having trouble telling the difference between me and Simcha Fisher.  Here are some tools for making that distinction. First, study these photos carefully: As you can plainly see, the top photo highlights my trademark rich luxuriant hair, as well as my much-discussed crazed rage over [Read More…]

Bright Gets F for Reading Comprehension

The other day I linked a little story about a brain dead guy who stopped being brain dead (according to his parents) after they prayed for him. I riffed on the old Harvard Law of Animal Behavior (“Animals, under carefully controlled laboratory condiitions, will do whatever they feel like”) by saying “God, under carefully controlled [Read More…]

Great News! Simcha Fisher is on Patheos!

At last it can be revealed!  I mentioned knowing this some time ago but super duper secret secrecy requirements required super duper secret secrecy of secrets. Now, however, the word is out!  Lizzie Scalia makes the Big Announcement and Simcha supplies proof by actually publishing something here. She is one of my favorite writers and [Read More…]

Patheos’ Catholic Channel Has a Terrific New Writer Coming Aboard!

Thanks to my awesome chops as a Highly Connected, Powerful and Wealthy Professional Catholic[TM] I am happy to be able to say… [taunting childish singsong]I know who it iiiis. I know who it iiiis.[/taunting childish singsong] But I’m not telling till Fearless Leader Lizzie Scalia makes the big announcement. Still and all, welcome awesome new [Read More…]

God and the Machine…

…is a fellow member of the Leah Libresco Fan Club and laments the overwhelming number of Napoleon Dynamites with a mean streak who are the Face of Internet Atheism. I would be curious to hear Leah’s take. As a Catholic, I sometimes get, well, bored listening to the umpteenth argument about some neuralgic topic like [Read More…]

I’m plowing through my mail from last week…

…and so only got to this today. Leah Libresco, my favorite atheist, writes: I ended up doing a bit for my blog that was more about how to have a productive discussion/ask questions when something looks like sexist practice, but we don’t know for sure yet. You were my good example. I noticed a number [Read More…]