John McAfee…

…knows rather a lot about cyber-security. So when he calls the Obamacare site a hacker’s wet dream, I conclude that I will get my health coverage from some site like Medi-share. Update: An earlier version of this post, now taken down with humble apologies, made a grossly reckless and inappropriate joke for which I sincerely apologize to [Read More…]

The Insanity of our Health Care System

A reader writes: Few things in this world are more laughable than the U.S. health care “system.” Of course, the Fox/Limbaugh crowd would immediately pounce on such a remark and order my lynching after assuming I’m a flaming Marxist. I’ve read hundreds of white papers, reports, and op-eds expounding upon what’s wrong with American health [Read More…]


…for the docile citizen of the People’s Democratic Republic of Health. Blowing these out of the sky is a vengeance fantasy I can get behind, particularly if they can be fitted with a chip that replays Michael Bloomberg’s scolding voice. [Read more…]