The Founders would have this humble public servant’s guts for garters

Curiously, this modest man of the people cancelled his meetings with the public claiming “security risks” after his constituents failed to respond with humble gratitude for his stooping down to provide them with the “service” of taking their tax monies so he could scold them on his greatness. [Read more…]

Well, it’s December 19

Perhaps if I confidently predict there is no *way* the Electoral College will actually vote to reflect what the majority of Americans actually voted for, my talent for jinxing elections will result in the EC voting for Hillary and sparing us the catastrophe that is about to unfold. Nah. Ain’t gonna happen. We’re stuck with [Read More…]

Trump willing to keep parts of Obamacare

Interesting.  I genuinely wonder how he’s going to govern.  I think he’s actually further to the Left than Hillary on a number of things. [Read more…]

21 States do not have rules against faithless Electors in the Electoral College

If those guys meet on 12/19 and say, “Screw it. Hillary is president” that would be *hilarious* (and also, of course, terrifying). The perfect capstone to the most bizarre election in US history. No. I don’t think it will happen. But simply the realization that it could happen is just one more strange turn to [Read More…]

Proposal to Ban Muslims Disappears from Trump’s website

This is interesting.  One of the marks of the Artist of the Deal is that negotiations only really start after the deal has been signed.  Then he starts reneging on payment and doing what he actually intends to do.  It will be fascinating to find out how much of what he said was just lies [Read More…]

This is a good start

Thank you for recalling Lincoln’s Second Inaugural, Mr. Trump. A good and magnanimous way to win. [Read more…]

Jesus is Lord, not politics

So, as I wrote to the folks in Sydney, I’m trusting God whatever the outcome of the election. [Read more…]

John Crosby from Franciscan University…

…talks sense to Catholics about this election. [Read more…]

Matt Swaim will host a Third Party Debate tonight at 8 PM Eastern…

…between Mike Maturen and Joe Schriner. Imagine it! A debate between decent people about ideas! [Read more…]

Autopsy on the Debate

Ezra Klein sums things up very well: As far as abortion went, the candidates did exactly what they’ve done. Hillary was frank in her support for her biggest blind spot and defended the indefensible: sticking scissors in a baby’ brain in partial birth abortion. Appalling. And Trump? Pressed repeatedly on whether he wanted the court [Read More…]