The Catholic Truth Society of Great Britain asked me to write a piece…

…on why you should vote anyway. Here it is, complete with neat pictures of the bust of Nero Caesar and St. Paul writing Romans 13, which you should read. [Read more…]

One of the stranger arguments against voting third party…

…is the notion that you are somehow morally obliged to not waste your vote on somebody who cannot win. Because, of course, that is both a self-fulfilling prophecy and an argument for having no elections at all and simply falling down before Might Makes Right. You see, the reality is that, in an election, only [Read More…]

If you want your vote to count, vote third party

A mathematical analysis. Don’t buy the hooey about how you have to vote for a major party candidate to matter. Your vote is like the widow’s mite.  It won’t change the outcome of the election, but (as we are witnessing as Christians choose between obeying their conscience or going to the mat to defend a sex [Read More…]

Minnesota Bishops Put out a Good Statement

MN Bishops' Election Year Statement from Minnesota Catholic Conference on Vimeo. No Robert Downey, Jr. appearance, but still pretty good. [Read more…]

Shorter Veep Debate

Kaine pledged to stand by and do nothing while people stab babies in the brain with scissors and Pence, while telling a bald-faced lie that Trump was pro-life, shifted to what he and his Master *really* care about: pledging to look desperate Syrian children in the eye and say, “Screw you, foreign devil. Die in [Read More…]

Ezra Klein Nails It

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the coherence gap: — Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) September 27, 2016 More here. It was Biff Tannen vs. Hermione Granger. [Read more…]

Funniest Headline of the Debate

Trump Struggles; Clinton Clings to Facts and Figures Reminds me of the old Soviet joke about the race between the American and Russian race car drivers. The American wins and Pravda announces: “SUPERIOR SOVIET TECHNOLOGY PLACES SECOND! DECADENT AMERICAN COMES IN NEXT TO LAST” Only in the world of postmodern FOX alternate reality is a [Read More…]

An Open Letter to Tim Kaine

When a Catholic pol has to get out there and Win One for the Team, he always invokes the Third Vatican Council and prophesies about how Real Soon Now the Church will change its teaching to fit the Dem platform.  That’s Tim Kaine’s job right now: to assure the Dem faithful that any day now [Read More…]

Conversation with a Friend Who Supports Hillary

As is, I hope, clear by now I support the legitimacy of voting for Hillary to stop Trump, while at the same time noting that one does not have to vote for her if your conscience will not allow you to and while adding that if you are in a position (as I am) of [Read More…]

Bravo to First Things!

A good article urging Catholics to resist ethno-nationalism! [Read more…]