Reader Brock Smith sums things up pretty well…

He writes: Several people have reached out asking for my thoughts on Hillary and her personal server. Here they are: 1. Director Comey is a Republican. He has given money to Republican presidential candidates in the last two elections. I do not think this has anything to do with partisan impropriety. 2. Director Comey, in [Read More…]

Nobody Seems to Like My Idea

…of the Dems and GOP holding their conventions together and having a massive cage match in which candidates and delegates battle to the death until just one is standing. Pay-per-view costs could go directly to fund Veteran’s Benefits, a lot of people nobody will ever miss will be permanently gone and when we are down [Read More…]

Dear “Prolife” Trump Supporter

For the love of God wake up: Donald Trump Defends Planned Parenthood, Calls Abortions ‘Small Part of What They Do’ [Read more…]

Catholic Prolifers for Trump…

= World’s Biggest Suckers.  No, seriously, if you support Trump and imagine for one second that you are prolife you are lying to yourself and everybody around you. More than that, you give scandal as you back this racist high priest and demagogue who gives both fuel and oxygen to the ugliest things in American [Read More…]

Yes, Donald Trump is a Fascist

…but the far more important fact is that his base is a pack of fascists too. Movement Conservatism has created a monster it does not know how to control–and is *still* in denial about it.  These people are a menace to the Church, the country, and the world. [Read more…]

Decided to take down the piece on Trump

Snopes, giving a very generous interpretation of his hazy language,  persuades me that there is insufficient ground to think he is calling for a database on Muslims or special ID badges–though he doesn’t exactly pull a hamstring telling the reporter who asked if that what he meant that he means no such thing.  Still, charity [Read More…]

Took Down the Ben Carson Thing

The Politico piece that sparked it looks more and more like there’s no There there.  I still am highly skeptical of his dramatic conversion account. And he still lied about his 10 year relationship hawking Mannatech.  And his quack remarks about the pyramids as grain elevators and the Big Bang as a fairy tale persuade [Read More…]

Trump: African Warlord

Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows [Read more…]

I will follow Gil Fulbright into hell itself

[Read more…]

Trump! Because Integrity is a Slogan!

[Read more…]