Since it is Obvious That Romney’s One and Only Core Value is the Will to Power….

…the only explanation for why his supporters trust him when he happens to accidently pledge himself to their position on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, while pledging support to the opposite on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (he relaxes into his natural gelatinous state on Sundays and spends the day with his family, believing in nothing at [Read More...]

In the week before an election…

…the various machines and organizations whose job is to gin up the vote go into overdrive to motivate people.  That’s because elections are won and lost, not by appealing to people’s cool cerebral natures in which platonic Athenians in white robes sit somewhere in the heavenlies deliberating abstractions about truth and justice, but because crowds [Read More...]

Best Part of Elections

Political Humor: He makes a persuasive case for Romney, but one the other hand think about the case for Obama: Only a man with real integrity should be entrusted with the task of ordering the indefinite detention and secret unilateral lawless murder of Americans. Only a man of sound judgement should bear the responsibility for [Read More...]

It is Utter Folly to Trust Romney

A reader writes: I have been following your discussion of Romney, the HHS Mandate, and Dale Price with interest, and have another tidbit to offer against Romney. You may already know this but Romney’s shenanigans in MA go beyond forcing Catholic hospitals to dispense the morning after pill, even if only “just a little” further. [Read More...]

Lena Dunham Deserves Every Ounce of Derision She is Going to Get

Dorothy L. Sayers would slap Lena Dunham’s face so hard her head would be on backward. The reduction of feminism to this sort of brain dead appeal to sex isn’t insulting to women. It’s insulting to humans. Sayers wrote a fantastic feminist manifesto called “Are Women Human?” Now post-modern feminism has offered its reply: Woman [Read More...]

It’s the Big Election Super Fun Pak!

Since I keep getting the same arguments over and over, I’m rounding up my responses into a single super fun pak of replies so I don’t have to keep saying the same things again and again to an assorted and seemingly never-ending onslaught of well-meaning newbies, illiterates, incorrigible unteachables, or Machiavellian slanderers. Here they are, [Read More...]

Takes one…

to know one. Prez calls Romney a “bullshitter”.  Of course, with its infallible sense of priorities, the media is excited about the Prez using the B word, not about the fact that a) Romney is, in fact, a bullshitter and B) the God King who called  him that is secretly and unilaterally blowing up four [Read More...]

Can’t Wait!

Personally, I’m looking forward to getting past Election Day so we can start on the chest-beating vs. recrimination phase, when I will be informed that my vain self-regarding narcissism was a) defeated by the allied powers of righteousness and The Babies Are Now Safe/b) responsible for the destruction and defeat of our Last Best Hope [Read More...]

Maintaining integrity during the election

Party spirit can be a good and powerful thing, but it can be dangerous if it distracts us from seeking the common good [Read more...]

Good to see

Obama is falling further behind.  Women are abandoning him. Dale’s dream of handing the boot Obama put on the Church’s neck back to the Dems with the foot still in it may become a reality.  If so, here’s hoping that, unlike Republicans, the Dems will actually be capable of learning from their own damnable stupidity [Read More...]