John C. is Perfectly Wright

To vote for Obama is neither American nor Catholic since “The HHS Mandate is burning the flag, using the Constitution as toilet paper, and trampling the crucifix all at once.” And that’s not even counting Obama arrogating to himself the power to indefinitely jail or murder anybody on planet earth he, by his secret and [Read More...]

Just to be clear: Obama is a tyrant…

and Joe Biden is a filthy liar who is trying to deceive people about the HHS mandate because he prizes power over integrity, religious liberty, the blood of innocents, and the blood of Jesus Christ. Don’t get played by filthy liars and Catholics who prostitute their faith for political power. [Read more...]

How Fun to Watch Andrew Sullivan Freak out and Melt Down

Obama’s Number One Fan flips out, as is his custom. Hopelessly devoted because of Obama’s fealty to the pole star of Sullivan’s journalism, life and being, Sullivan has long turned a blind eye to Obama’s egregious faults (helpfully chronicled by honest progressives like Glenn Greenwald), including his massive arrogance. Since the debate, he has been [Read More...]

Didn’t See the Debate

But I must say that for sheer entertainment value, reading the transcript of Andrew Sullivan’s complete hysterical meltdown at Obama’s terrible performance certainly makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. When somebody who is as huge a sycophant of Obama as Sullivan says it was unmitigated disaster, you know it was a train wreck. [Read More...]

My Friend, the Always-Fun Dale Price….

offers an intriquing new argument for Romney I had not thought of: This is half the reason I’m leaning toward voting for Romney: not that he’ll be better, but the press and currently hibernating protest movements will see “-R” after the President’s name and start covering this stuff again. Ditto the war in Afghanistan, ditto [Read More...]

Obama supporters face crisis of conscience!

Madonna Threatens World: “When Obama is in the White House for a second term I’ll take it all off.” How can an Obama supporter, in good conscience, visit that on an unsuspecting human race?  Have you no decency, Obama supporter?  At long last have you no decency at all?  I believe you do.  It’s not too [Read More...]

The Case for No

Very briefly: Obama?  Are you high?  Anti-life, waging a gratuitous and stupid war on the Church in order to smash religious liberty?  Votes himself the power to indefinitely detain and murder anybody he likes on his secret and royal word alone?  Killed more civilians than any other Nobel Peace Prize winner?  Only a fool would [Read More...]

Hey Bremerton, WA and Parts Surrounding! Let’s Talk About Religious Liberty September 26!

September 26 at 7:00 PM I will be speaking at the Our Lady Star of the Sea in Beautiful Bremerton on mobilizing Catholics in the struggle for religious freedom. Religious Liberty begins in the heart and soul, not at the ballot box. Come and discuss how Catholics can carry the fight for religious liberty not [Read More...]

Kang/Kodos 2012

Romney puts on fake tan to talk to Mexicans. Though nobody has considered the possibility that he simply had his pale plastic epidermis peeled off the positronic matrix and temporarily replaced with a darker shade of plastic as a normal part of general maintenance and repair. Why assume he is as transparently fake as a [Read More...]

A message for those attempting to escape the Obama Epistemic Closure Bubble

Many Lefties still shotgun wedded to the abominable crime of abortion typically feel moral qualms about it (hence the “safe, legal and rare” attempt to paint lipstick on that moral pig). 30% of Dems oppose abortion and are discomfited by the zealous abortion-loving crazies who labored to cast the word “rare” out of the platform [Read More...]