Hey Bremerton, WA and Parts Surrounding! Let’s Talk About Religious Liberty September 26!

September 26 at 7:00 PM I will be speaking at the Our Lady Star of the Sea in Beautiful Bremerton on mobilizing Catholics in the struggle for religious freedom. Religious Liberty begins in the heart and soul, not at the ballot box. Come and discuss how Catholics can carry the fight for religious liberty not [Read More...]

Kang/Kodos 2012

Romney puts on fake tan to talk to Mexicans. Though nobody has considered the possibility that he simply had his pale plastic epidermis peeled off the positronic matrix and temporarily replaced with a darker shade of plastic as a normal part of general maintenance and repair. Why assume he is as transparently fake as a [Read More...]

A message for those attempting to escape the Obama Epistemic Closure Bubble

Many Lefties still shotgun wedded to the abominable crime of abortion typically feel moral qualms about it (hence the “safe, legal and rare” attempt to paint lipstick on that moral pig). 30% of Dems oppose abortion and are discomfited by the zealous abortion-loving crazies who labored to cast the word “rare” out of the platform [Read More...]

Clip and Send

A few days ago, the Dems released this chilling thing: “Government is the only thing we all belong to” is a sentiment that Mussolini thoroughly approved of. “Everything within the state; nothing outside the state; nothing against the state” said he. That is a hell of a long way from the classical American ideal (perfectly [Read More...]

Believe it or not…

…this was not written by me: When Michael Voris is good, he’s very good. Get it: Just as you do not serve the state, so you do not serve the party. Party and state exist to serve you the citizen, and the common good and when they try to turn you into a tool your [Read More...]

A Manifesto for Battered Citizens

Progressives ain’t feeling the love from the man they fell head over heels for in 2008. The precipitous letdown from the hallucinatory mash notes, hymns, and messianic delusions they heaped on the God King four years ago has to stand as one of the greatest hangovers in binge politics in the history of the Republic. [Read More...]

Dolan to Pray at Dem Convention too

Cue more hysteria from the combox episcopacy as the good Cardinal is again interpreted as offering an endorsement when, in fact, he is just offering prayer and blessing as is fitting for his office. Wake me when it’s over. [Read more...]

Cdl Dolan: Dem Shill or Republican Stooge?

Cdl. Dolan, fresh from freaking out Republicans by eating with sinners at the Al Smith Dinner is now freaking out Dems by praying for sinners at the Republican Convention.  This latter fake dudgeon is particularly rich given the history of Vox Nova‘s extremely selective fake dudgeonry. My take: Losing. Consciousness.  So. Boringgggg…. ZZZZZZZZZZZ.  This is the sort [Read More...]

Michael Sean Winters Give Further Evidence that Obama Will Lose

Notes that Dolan would happily have prayed at their convention, but that the Dems regard him with utter contempt, as they regard the Church utter contempt. Here’s the thing: the Dems make clearer and clearer with each passing year that they can’t even be bothered to *pretend* not to feel deep and abiding hostility and [Read More...]

Evaluate your Party in Light of the Faith, not the Faith in Light of your Party

Here’s how the Duopoly works and here’s why I insist the real issue surrounding the morality of voting is not “How will it affect the outcome of the election?” but “How will it affect the soul of the voter?” When Rebecca Kiessling asks a vital question: The loud and clear message of Romney/Ryan to her is:  [Read More...]