Ethika Politika on Cults of Personality in Contemporary Politics

Daniel Schwindt writes: You write a great deal about the factors (such as the “cult of personality”) that lead to men like Obama getting office (or Bush, really). I wanted to share this article I wrote for Ethika Politika which offers some thoughts on why we have this problem, contrasting the excellent Hilaire Belloc with [Read More…]

In case you missed it…

Philadelphia voters just elected a Whig a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t even know they still make those! I chalk it up to the Amish vote. [Read more…]

Politics is One Form of Religion

A false one. It’s amazing how close politics comes to being a religion for some people, complete with sacraments, rituals, altar calls, sermons, heretics, inquisitions, and the like. [Read more…]

Patrick Buchanan asks the musical question

…”Do We Really Want a Cold War II?” [Read more…]

Remember This Headline Three Years from Now

…when everybody is screaming that you have an absolute moral obligation to vote for Chris Christie, God’s Republican Candidate and the Last Best Hope for Christian civilization in The Most Important Election of our Lifetime: NJ bans reparative therapy for gays; Gov. Chris Christie’s office emphasizes disagreement with Catholic teaching… I’ve been wrong before, but [Read More…]

Christian Democracy Has to Live in Tension

…between our dignity and our fallenness.  Yr. Obdt. Svt’s contribution to the fledgling webzine Christian Democracy. [Read more…]

Catholic Stand…

…has a new post up on the impotence of current Catholic engagement with politics and some noodlings about a new approach. [Read more…]

Hey Maryland!

A Marylander writes: I live in the nutty state of Maryland, and since we already deconstructed marriage last year, this year some members of our senate propose that everyone gets to choose their own gender, as you can see below (I choose butter pecan!). I have been very interested in the whole women in combat [Read More…]

Karl Keating Talks Common Sense

Over on FB he writes: What do we mean when we say someone is “pro-country X”? What do we mean when we say someone is “anti-country Y”? We can’t look to Rick Santorum for the answer. Yesterday Santorum, the former senator from Pennsylvania, announced his is launching a campaign in opposition to Chuck Hagel’s nomination [Read More…]

Christian Democracy Magazine

…is on the air! [Read more…]