The GOP tries to figure out how to ditch social conservatives

But social conservatives should not be worrying about that. All the GOP ever gave them was exploitation anyway and now the GOP is making the exact wrong call trying to cut them loose so they can focus on corporate wealth and Randian social Darwinists as they retreat further into the bubble of unreality. Social conservatism [Read More…]

GOP Mammon and Power Contingent to SoCons

Protein Wisdom satirizes the extreme stupidity of the GOP elite as it surveys the wreckage from deep inside the bubble of delusion and concludes in its infinite wisdom that the problem was not with their lousy candidate, but with their need to ditch the social conservatives for a new trophy wife as they tell their [Read More…]

Do keep this in mind

Democracy is that form of government which says, “Give us Barabbas!” [Read more…]

I am SOOOOO happy this stupid election is over!

That’s all. Tomorrow begins the “find something else to talk about” phase, please God! If your candidate wins, congrats to you, my fellow American. If he loses, bear it manfully and remember God remains God. If it winds up being a repeat of 2000, God have pity on us and bring a decision quickly. [Read more…]

Stop the Election!

What if we just did this instead? Are the results really likely to be *that* much worse? [Read more…]

The Only Chart…

…that matters on election day—which is why I’m voting my conscience. [Read more…]

Fallows is noticing the same thing I am

Deep inside the epistemic closure bubbles of left and right, each camp is busy building up a narrative that is not about reality, but about telling the members of the Cult what they want to hear. Over at places like FOX, we are getting prophesies of a Mitt Landslide. On the left, the prophecies are [Read More…]


Over at the American Conservative, there a little symposium on how various conservatives are voting. I was particularly cracked up by Jeremy Beers’ contribution: I’m sick of these holier-than-thou purists who say they won’t vote for Romney because he was once pro-choice and still supports various exceptions, or because he once invested in a company [Read More…]

Since it is Obvious That Romney’s One and Only Core Value is the Will to Power….

…the only explanation for why his supporters trust him when he happens to accidently pledge himself to their position on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, while pledging support to the opposite on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (he relaxes into his natural gelatinous state on Sundays and spends the day with his family, believing in nothing at [Read More…]

In the week before an election…

…the various machines and organizations whose job is to gin up the vote go into overdrive to motivate people.  That’s because elections are won and lost, not by appealing to people’s cool cerebral natures in which platonic Athenians in white robes sit somewhere in the heavenlies deliberating abstractions about truth and justice, but because crowds [Read More…]