That’s about right

“The standing political deal We will give you the good you desire if you give us power. A lot of power. Quite possibly, in fact, more power than you think we need to give you the good you desire. But we need to use that power to tick a few things off our list of [Read More...]

Clarifications, puzzlements and apologies…

I am still mulling over Bonchamps’ argument from last week, which says that with the advent of Obama’s naked war of aggression against religious liberty which specifically targets the Catholic Church for persecution (and, I would add, their incredibly dangerous attempt to insert themselves into who Lutherans can and cannot ordain which, thanks be to [Read More...]

The Thing that Used to be Conservatism vs…

Reagan’s first Budget Director. Here is David Stockman talking about Paul Ryan’s fairy tale budget plan. This would be the Ryan whose budget received a round drubbing from the bishops a few months back as failing the “basic moral test” of protecting the most vulnerable. Remember: Ryan’s budget is a brilliant Aquinas-like purification of Randian [Read More...]

Bonchamps Offers a Very Respectable Catholic Case…

…for supporting Romney. If I undersand him correctly, it boils down to “Obama is, unlike previous Democrats, an obvious and clear enemy of the Church and his war on the Church is a game changer.” I’m refreshed that he doesn’t try to pretend R2 are some sort of great ticket, merely that they suck less [Read More...]

Murder Inc. Gives Ryan His Strongest Endorsement

They say this like it’s a bad thing: Just to be clear, I’m foursquare in favor of Ryan’s prolife record. Bully for him.  If I thought that a Romney Administration would make that the centerpiece of its efforts and not simply use it as a tool to sucker prolifers into voting GOP so it could [Read More...]

I’ve been diagnosed again

Failure to fall in line with Romney currently means I am a liberal again, as it periodically does whenever conservative Catholics get het up about some new shimmering glowing star in the political firmament. Last time I heard this, it was because I didn’t buy Santorum, and before that it was because I didn’t buy [Read More...]

Once you have picked your Veep candidate to fire up a listless base

The next phase is to then compare him to the Veep of the other guy and, in sundry ways, say of Other Team Veep, “Get a load of him! What a maroon! Yay our Team!” This was, for instance, the function of the famous “I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. [Read More...]

By the way, don’t worry. Be happy. Romney will win.

I am now certain Romney will win. So relax. Obama’s sputtering and his base is not motivated (why should they be?). All the momentum is with Romney. So chill, Romney fans. He’s got it sewn up. Celebrate! I’ll even join you insofar as I am delighted to see the Tyrant swept from office. I just [Read More...]

This is a reasonable question

If you are one of those Progessives who feels a sense of gleeful satisfaction at making those monobrow FOX-watching Christianist goobers stamp their tiny feet in impotent frustration before the march of Enlightened Thought, you should reflect on the fact that your man is, in addition to being an Attuned Being, also a draconian tyrant [Read More...]

Speaking of Tom Kreitzberg’s Disputations blog…

Here’s the Disputations Challenge! Here’s how it works: Register at Vote in the 2012 general election. For each election decided by your vote, I will send you $10. To register, just leave a comment below with your name, zip code, and the state and Congressional districts in which you live. If any of the [Read More...]