Are we back to this again?

More Birther crap. Could there be any more eloquent statement of the intellectual bankruptcy of our politics than the fact that a President this weak is being opposed with tactics this stupid? [Read more...]

A reader argues….

that I should not have retracted my gripe about the God King’s “No man is an island” speech: I don’t think you should have changed your position on Obama in the post. Although I think the “God King” monker should be reserved for pro-life issues. I wrote something in response to John Wright, but didn’t [Read More...]

Reader Zippy Provides This Wonderful Slice of Douglas Adams

from _So Long and Thanks For All the Fish_ “It comes from a very ancient democracy, you see…” “You mean, it comes from a world of lizards?” “No,” said Ford, who by this time was a little more rational and coherent than he had been, having finally had the coffee forced down him, “nothing so [Read More...]

National Review Starts Ginning up the Prolife Sucker Routine

PROLIFERS!  YOU *MUST* UNITE BEHIND ROMNEY!!!! because he just obviously cares so much about human life and is not transparently a politician who says whatever he thinks will please you without a shred of personal integrity or conviction. I can understand a prolifer voting for this guy on the theory that, “Hey! He’s a complete [Read More...]

More stuff about Roberts

I’m sure the author *thinks* this will raise the hopes of conservatives. But, honestly: Before you look to do harm to Chief Justice Roberts or his family, it’s important that you think carefully about the meaning – the true nature — of his ruling on Obama-care. The Left will shout that they won, that Obama-care [Read More...]

Steve Skojec…

…seems to me to make sense. I salute for giving him a forum. [Read more...]

Best Part About Politics

The Autotune the News Guys: [Read more...]

Romney Will Save us!!!!

What’s great is that a) the Romney campaign doesn’t argue with this and b) I’m still seeing Catholics saying we *have* to vote for him because, well, because! [Read more...]


really is a sort of archetypal Republican, isn’t he? The fascinating thing will be to watch people laboring to induce Stockholm Syndrome in themselves in the effort to persuade themselves that he’s actually a good candidate and not merely (hopefully) less dreadful than Obama. What thirty years of prolife “playing ball” with the cynical GOP [Read More...]

Christian Ohnimus throws a spanner in the works…

…of the GOP’s attempt to gin up the de rigeur “YOU HAVE TO VOTE FOR OUR GUY BECAUSE WE ARE THE LAST BEST HOPE FOR A CULTURE OF LIFE!!!!!” election year bunkum. He is is a fine young Catholic man, simply trying to evaluate Romney in light of the Church’s actual teaching: I’m working on [Read More...]

I’m happy to see it…

…but I’m still puzzled by the fact that, after 40 years of pro-abort zealotry from the Democratic party, some Democrats are just now leaving the party–because of gay “marriage” and the HHS mandate. Those things are bad, of course. But it’s still weird to me that somebody could go for decades watching the spectacle of [Read More...]

Ron Paul Hate vs. Ron Paul Zealotry

A reader writes: I see that YOUR boy RON PAUL is also in favor of killing women in the womb. Cant wait to see how you explain that one away… Or maybe you’ll finally come to your senses and realize RP is a fruitcake. Ah! Feel the Christian love suffusing and transforming conservative politics! No [Read More...]