Trust thou not in fake memes – Not William Shakespeare

This is the latest bit of evidence circulating in the Reactionarysphere in the ongoing combox heresy trial against Pope Francis: Only, here’s the thing: he never said it.  It’s just invented from whole cloth and attributed to him.  When you are so desperate to obtain a guilty verdict against the guy you hate that you [Read More…]

The “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose” Strategy of Conservative Dissent

When the Pope says things that upset the Left, we hear that the faith is the only thing that saves us from the degrading slavery of being a child of our age. When he says things that upset the Right like “legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the state” or “encyclical on the environment“, we [Read More…]

“Pope Francis Made My Mom Stop Hating Catholicism”

There are, roughly speaking, two ways stories like this get interpreted in our polarized American Church. 1. I’m glad somebody found the grace of the Holy Spirit, working through Francis, to reconsider the Church and, if all goes well, become a disciple of Jesus Christ. 2. Francis is attracting dangerous riff raff with his cult [Read More…]

Elizabeth Stoker-Bruenig has a Smart Look at Pope Francis

She is a rare bird: a lefty who takes seriously not only Francis as a Catholic with a heart for the poor and the week, but an orthodox Catholic Christian who gets that the faith really is about the revelation of Jesus Christ crucified and risen, including all that mystical spiritual warfare with the devil [Read More…]

How Everybody Will Misread the Encyclical on the Environment

…and how it should be read: Yesterday I heard a story on NPR about the Pope’s forthcoming encyclical on the environment. While the “conservative” who was interviewed spoke all about “prudential” decisions and the non-expertise of the Church on this issue, the “liberal” insisted that our individual decisions are ultimately social, and have impact far [Read More…]

Francis inspires rising tide of exorcists and exorcisms

Francis’ respect for and practical belief in the reality of the demonic has allowed people who were hitherto shy about discussing the devil and similar facts to come out of the woodwork and ask for the graces and helps the Church provides in confronting Old Scratch. This includes exorcisms and there has been a corresponding [Read More…]

Pope Lauds Iran Nuke Deal

When the pope is happy and the guys responsible for the debacle in Iraq are upset, I take that as a win. My rule of thumb for nearly anything beyond abortion and euthanasia and the other three non-negotiables is that, with anything strongly approved or condemned by the right, you will never go wrong heading [Read More…]

Francis’ Baffling Chilean Appointment

Bill Doino, Jr. writes: Pope Francis has done many admirable things during his pontificate, not least taking numerous initiatives against the evil of sexual abuse in the Church. He has spoken about the victims’ pain, promised zero tolerance for such crimes, and supported transparency and full accountability for anyone involved. He has followed those strong [Read More…]

Pope Francis Minutes

Reader Garrett Johnson writes: Today, is launching the first episode of the the first digitally animated series on the pontificate of Pope Francis: The Pope Francis Minute. You can find the Press Release at this link: The original publication can be found here: Check it out! [Read more…]