As is well known, I am a liberal who hates Traditionalism and the Extraordinary Form

That’s why I am so thankful we have finally come out of the Dark Ages of Traditionalist Pope Benedict and into the New Age of Liberal Pope Francis. I mean, listen to this backward retrograde stuff (slightly edited for ease of comprehension) from that old arch-reactionary who has (thankfully) ceded the See of Peter to [Read More...]

Michael Sean Winters is an Honest Man of the Left

Sez he: If Catholics on the Left are not willing to stand up for the unborn, we have, and should have, no credibility when we stand up for the undocumented or the unemployed or the other “un’s” in our society, the very people the Holy Father has asked out to embrace. This really is it. [Read More...]

Hilarious to Watch People Try to Control Francis

Currently, the panic in various watering holes for the Combox Magisterium is over the question of whether or not it was “sacrilege” for him to offer to God a beach ball given him by some joyful kids at WYD. Next topics of discussion in the Combox Magisterium: The Little Drummer Boy: Should the Church crack [Read More...]

A Brazilian reader notes two incidents from WYD

He writes: – A Pentecostal church in the favela is located in front of the place the Pope spoke to the people. This church lead a vigil the whole night before the visit making a lot of noise and pestering the neighbours as a form of protest and resistance against the Pope’s presence in the [Read More...]

So when Pope Francis sez…

“I think that when we encounter a gay person, we must make the distinction between the fact of a person being gay and the fact of a lobby, because lobbies are not good. They are bad. If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge that [Read More...]

If Francis Does Nothing Else in His Pontificate…

…I’d be happy if he took a pressure washer to these guys and cleaned out the stables.  And I have hope he will.  I have a hunch he’s not the sort of guy that will let  himself be jerked around twice by these clowns.  We’ll see. [Read more...]

Fr. Dwight Longenecker Ponders Pope Francis

Is he a Reformer or a Revolutionary? Dude. All I know is that Sir Elton John likes him. That ought to be divine approval enough for anybody. Seriously, what interests me is how Francis keeps being perceived as somehow uniquely humble (in apparent contradistinction to Benedict). This is weird for anybody who paid any attention [Read More...]

While Combox Warriors Occupy Themselves Explaining Why the Church is Wrong…

to say that Christians and Muslims both worship the God of Abraham, Pope Francis sends Ramadan greetings to Muslims. Hilarious. [Read more...]

Friends Don’t Let HuffPo Writers Do Theology

“Pope Francis Says All Who Do Good are Redeemed – Atheists Included” It takes some doing to get so many layers of complicated errors all folded into 11 words, but if anybody can do it, it’s HuffPo. Let’s unpack this elaborate confection of blunders. 1. The first blunder is that what the Pope said–what he [Read More...]

Interesting Follow Up From Ethika Politika

Looks like I may have been wrong here. Here’s the skinny on what really seems to be going on: Big news from the Vatican—this time because of Pope Francis’s recent letter to South American bishops denouncing communion for pro-abortion politicians. Here’s the lead from an article published by A letter Pope Francis sent to [Read More...]

Francis Supports Coptic Pope vs. Islamic Thugs

Subtle, but clear: Pope Francis has expressed his solidarity with the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church on Friday, during an historic meeting with the Church’s leader, Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark. Francis spoke of the strong bonds that exist between the Catholic and Coptic Orthodox church and paid [Read More...]