There Really is No Wiggle Room for Torture Sophists

A reader writes: I just wanted to share something that I think is significant as an extremely recent magisterial statement from Pope Francis–may be the most clear prohibition of torture “under any circumstances” from the magisterium. It occurred this past October 23, in Francis’s address to the delegates of the International Association of Penal Law [Read More…]

Not-At-All Crazy Revenge of the Francis Haters

Maureen Mullarkey, fresh from embarrassing the editorial staff of First Things with a ridiculous rant against Pope Francis now moves her cottage industry of spreading fear and loathing of the Holy Father to the much more promising pastures of The Federalist.  In her latest screed against the pope, she instructs us that “Francis is a Leftist and Must [Read More…]

Lefty Francis Hangover

After bingeing on the hallucinatory drug that made them imagine the pope was just just about to make pot a sacrament, officiate at Michael Sam’s wedding, sprinkle holy water on Rome’s Planned Parenthood clinic, canonize Karl Marx, and call the Third Vatican Council to declare all religions/philosophies/lifestyle choices “cool”, the Left is suddenly awakening to [Read More…]

Today’s Francis-Bashing Right Wing Noise Machine Panic

There goes that arch-heretic Francis, talking about responsible parenting with his rabbits comment. The Church has nev– 2368 A particular aspect of this responsibility concerns the regulation of procreation. For just reasons, spouses may wish to space the births of their children. It is their duty to make certain that their desire is not motivated by [Read More…]

Pope Francis: Rigidity is the sign of a weak heart

Missed this when he said it, but it’s still true, whether we are talking about Reactionaries or Bronze Age Savages in Islam.  What the world takes for strength is typically a sign of brittleness. [Read more…]

Answering Episcopalian Delusions

An Anglican reader writes: Greetings from the hinterlands of Anglicanism. I was directed to a couple of your responses to the looney toon wing of the Roman church. I have enjoyed them, but I think I should let you know that as an Episcopalian who is 100% behind female ordination, all the way to the [Read More…]

Pope turns out to be Catholic

Opposes artificial contraception and gay “marriage”, fails to confirm upscale Episcopalian wannabe in her okayness. Hissy fit ensues. This is what happens when you believe your own banana oil about a pope upon whom you have chosen to project your fantasies–and he then fails to comply with your delusions. Anybody with both eyes open could [Read More…]

Francis vs. Victor Davis Hanson

Over at National Review, Victor Davis Hanson, one of the avatars of conservatism’s epic anti-charism of discernment, noted for disastrous promotion of a disastrous war that two popes and all the world’s bishops warned would be a disaster, is now instructing us that the very survival of Western Civilization depends on the unfettered right to disseminate religious [Read More…]

There are two sorts of people I want to hear from…

…when it comes to climate change and the Church’s take on it. One is Catholics who actually know the Church’s teaching.  I pretty much assume the pope has that base covered, so I’m waiting to hear from him and whatever he winds up saying. The other is actual, like, real people who actually know, like [Read More…]

Acts of the Apostasy is having fun

GLOBAL WARMING SPIKES IN ADVANCE OF POPE’S ENCYCLICAL; BLOGGERS’ REACTION CITED When Francis-haters have that many cows, it’s bound to create a lot of methane. Just wait till the pope actually *says* something. [Read more…]