CNN Struggles to Figure out How the Pope…

…can still possibly be Catholic. Turns out he still teaches all that weird old stuff the Church has always taught. Who knew? There’s something childlike about the media’s complete innocence of any actual knowledge of the Faith. [Read more...]

Beauty and Ugliness

The other day, Pope Francis welcomed a severely disfigured man and kissed him. At almost the same time this was happening, yet another Reactionary was complaining on FB about the huge problem and danger this man is and complaining about various people who, like me, love this man deeply.  At one point he rolled his eyes [Read More...]

This Guy Has His Head Screwed on Straight

It used to be said that more sycophantic monsignori in the Vatican in the 1950s would fall to their knees when they picked up the phone and heard it was Pope Pius XII speaking. Have we returned to such an age? Are we living through a new time where every papal word is given fawning [Read More...]

Pope Continues Presenting the Inhabitants of Fortress Katolicus…

…with the problem of his being an enormously attractive evangelical witness to those outside Fortress Katolicus. This time it’s an Episcopalian. I can almost hear the collective “Ewww!” from the Perfecti inside the Fortress. I’m old enough to remember a time when it was a good thing, not a catastrophe, that non-Catholics were attracted to [Read More...]

Pope Francis Found Attractive by Sinners!

Another conservative panics that Francis attracts people to Jesus. I remember when it was considered a good thing that non-Catholics were attracted to the faith by the witness of her evangelists.  Now the denizens of the Fortress are filled with fear that the riff raff might want to talk.  If they touch us we might [Read More...]

Agggghhhh! Pope Francis is a MORAL RELATIVIST!!!!

Oh.  Wait. I can understand confusion. I can understand questions. But the strange spectacle of a combox episcopacy in St. Blog’s that seriously believes God has laid it on their shoulders to defend the Church from the Pope is breathtaking to me.  [Read more...]

Ratzinger on the New Evangelization

…sounds a lot like Francis on the New Evangelization. [Read more...]


Tom Kreitzberg writes: Daily examen Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray Pope Francis silent keeps. If he should speak before I wake, Inspectors, please, his measure take. For all the Catholic faith I know, And what’s above, and what’s below. Ah, so much better life would be If popes would only learn [Read More...]

Escalating Coolness

Okay. It’s cool enough that the pope has a Harley. It’s even cooler that he’s selling it to raise money for the homeless. [Read more...]

Reactionary Calls Out Recklessly, “Will No One Rid Me of this Meddlesome Pope?”

Problem: A pope who is all about evangelizing and reaching out to the estranged and disaffected does an interview with an atheist in which (like *cough* Jesus) he permits his the conversation to be reported by somebody who had neither a tape recorder nor a notebook and who reports the conversation from memory. It’s not [Read More...]