Jimmy Akin takes on the thankless task…

…of trying to reason with hysterics shrieking in condemnation of Francis, announcing the End of Days, and threatening to apostatize over the fact that the Pope really is the Supreme Legislator of ecclesial law and can wash anybody’s feet he chooses on Holy Thursday. The comments on Jimmy’s piece are a giant farrago of paranoia, angry [Read More...]

Sherry Weddell on the Pope, Holy Thursday…

…and his mission to the peripheries.  This guy gets the New Evangelization.  I’m not so sure we do. [Read more...]

The Last Gasp of the “Pope Francis: Junta Collaborator” Crowd

As we’ve seen, the Francis attackers wasted no time claiming he was hand in glove with the junta, betraying priests and lying to human rights investigators. Within an hour of his elections, the denunciations started, based on thinly sourced Wikipedia claims that begin with words like “Some say…” Only problem: they have been proven massively [Read More...]

The Illustrious Erin Manning writes

Mark, I’m asking you to do me a favor if you can.  Deirdre Mundy, a wonderful writer who doesn’t actually blog all that often (what with little ones at home and all) has written a pitch-perfect piece about Pope Francis’ decision to celebrate Holy Thursday Mass in a juvenile prison. Here’s just a little of [Read More...]

Why are you reading me and not Amy Welborn?

Here she is, offering her customary sanity on the pontificates of Benedict and Francis: The red shoes – so maligned even by Catholics who should know better – are a symbol of blood.  Blood , people.  The blood of the martyrs and the blood of Christ on which His vicar stands, and through him, all [Read More...]

Sherry Weddell is Very Grateful for What God is Doing

She writes: The most wonderful thing that has happened in the 10 days of Pope Francis’ pontificate as far as I’m concerned? The sudden dislocation of the “Traditionalist”/”Neo-Catholic”/”progressive” ecclesial wars because the Holy Father’s words and gestures has shattered the categories with which American Catholic insiders have been consumed for decades. For which I give [Read More...]

So, remember way back last week when Pope Francis was a collaborator with the junta?

There’s a hilarious scene in the life of St. Athanasius when his enemies trump up a murder charge against him. He’s put on trial and, at a dramatic moment, calls forth his one witness to testify on his behalf. The witness comes forward, throws back his cowl–and it turns out to be the alleged victim [Read More...]

Love This Guy

Shows up for Mass with Vatican Gardeners and Cleaners. [Read more...]

If You Look at This Picture…

and see unutterable beauty, you are healthy and normal. If you look at it and think “Is that a woman? He should not be kissing a woman’s foot!  Why is this person not dressed modestly?  This is attention-seeking fake humility! The Horror!” you are sicker by far than the person whose foot is being kissed. [Read more...]

Pope to Say Holy Thursday Mass at Youth Prison

I’m loving this guy! Some people are flipping out about this, I can’t imagine why.  I suppose it must have something to do with their conception of the dignity of the papal office.  But given that both Jesus and Peter were jailbirds themselves and given that Jesus had rather kindly things to say about care [Read More...]

Well done, Michael Voris!

Gentle Reader: If it shocks you to hear me say this, consider the possibility that you’ve never really understood a word I’ve said. [Read more...]

A reader asks about somebody named Ann Barnhardt

I know it has been a while since I wrote and hope all is well. I really enjoy your website and reading your material. May God continue to bless your ministry. I am excited about our new Pope Francis. I pray for him. Like many others, I am learning more about him and his wonderful [Read More...]