Francis and Benedict are on the Same Page

I’m seeing an increasing number of people who are worried that a dichotomy and opposition is being manufactured by the Father of Lies, working both through the press and through various sectarians, to the effect that “liberal” Francis is somehow going to be the antithesis of “conservative” Benedict. It’s crude and ridiculous, of course. But [Read More...]

There Ain’t No Pure Church

This piece seems to be enjoying a new lease on life in response to the hysterics from various quarters in reaction to Pope Francis’ election. [Read more...]

Compare and Contrast

A reader writes: Savor .the ongoing silence about Obama’s ongoing Drone War against civilians, including children, in Pakistan right now, as opposed to what will be the incessant chatter about Cardinal Bergoglio’s imaginary role in the Dirty War in Argentina forty years ago. The Pope of Roman Catholics must be raked over coals, but their [Read More...]

Turns out the whole “Banishment of Cdl. Law” thing is totally bogus

Allen locutus, causa finita. I figured. [Read more...]

Oh! Wait! Never Mind. The Cuomos Disapprove of the Pope. Do Over.

In a piece that constitutes a sort of platonic ideal form of Northeast Corridor Elite fatuity, the Cuomo clan delivers their verdict:  Francis is too Catholic and not nearly enough New York.  In other words, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the provincials of the Smart Set.  You really don’t even need to read it.  [Read More...]

Another Hopeful Sign

“The idea that celibacy produces paedophiles can be forgotten,” he says. “If a priest is a paedophile, he is so before he becomes a priest. But when this happens you must never look away. You cannot be in a position of power and use it to destroy the life of another person.” Bergoglio says he [Read More...]

Pope Francis: Chestertonian

Sean Dailey informs me: “The new pope is an honorary board member of the Argentinean Chesterton Society.” Seals the deal for me. [Read more...]

Rod Dreher Argues with me

About the pope sacking bishops. I’ve said this before but it tends to get lost in the shuffle: it’s not a question of what the Pope “can” or “should” do.  It’s a question of what he will do. I personally would like to see the Pope kick more butts (*cough* Mahony *cough*). But I think this [Read More...]

ChurchMilitantTV comes out in support of Francis

Only fair to post this after my earlier stupidity.  Well done, CMTV!  I particularly like the call to do works of mercy: [Read more...]

Francis bans Cdl. Law from his own church? It appears not

According to the Daily Mail: So when the appearance of a disgraced cardinal threatened to cast a shadow over his first engagement, Francis I made sure it couldn’t happen again – by banning him from his own church. Cardinal Bernard Law resigned as Archbishop of Boston in 2002, after being accused of actively covering up [Read More...]

More Trad Attacks on Pope Francis

Um, actually Bergoglio arranged for Latin Mass to be offered within his diocese within 48 hours of Summorum Pontificum“ UPDATE: A friend of mine sent this along and said it was from Michael Voris organization.  It turns out it was from somebody else billing themselves as “Church Militant”.  I am relieved that this is so [Read More...]

The Skeptical Mind Hard at Work

With Amnesty International pulling the rug out from under the bigots indicting Francis as a vile fascist collaborator, the paladins of Reason and Fact now batten on the next line of attack: Wow! Pretty devastating! What a pig! Still, just for grins and giggles, could you, y’know, document that quote, O Anti-Theists. Pro Active Atheists. [Read More...]