If You Look at This Picture…

and see unutterable beauty, you are healthy and normal. If you look at it and think “Is that a woman? He should not be kissing a woman’s foot!  Why is this person not dressed modestly?  This is attention-seeking fake humility! The Horror!” you are sicker by far than the person whose foot is being kissed. [Read more...]

Pope to Say Holy Thursday Mass at Youth Prison

I’m loving this guy! Some people are flipping out about this, I can’t imagine why.  I suppose it must have something to do with their conception of the dignity of the papal office.  But given that both Jesus and Peter were jailbirds themselves and given that Jesus had rather kindly things to say about care [Read More...]

Well done, Michael Voris!

Gentle Reader: If it shocks you to hear me say this, consider the possibility that you’ve never really understood a word I’ve said. [Read more...]

A reader asks about somebody named Ann Barnhardt

I know it has been a while since I wrote and hope all is well. I really enjoy your website and reading your material. May God continue to bless your ministry. I am excited about our new Pope Francis. I pray for him. Like many others, I am learning more about him and his wonderful [Read More...]

Francis and Benedict are on the Same Page

I’m seeing an increasing number of people who are worried that a dichotomy and opposition is being manufactured by the Father of Lies, working both through the press and through various sectarians, to the effect that “liberal” Francis is somehow going to be the antithesis of “conservative” Benedict. It’s crude and ridiculous, of course. But [Read More...]

There Ain’t No Pure Church

This piece seems to be enjoying a new lease on life in response to the hysterics from various quarters in reaction to Pope Francis’ election. [Read more...]

Compare and Contrast

A reader writes: Savor .the ongoing silence about Obama’s ongoing Drone War against civilians, including children, in Pakistan right now, as opposed to what will be the incessant chatter about Cardinal Bergoglio’s imaginary role in the Dirty War in Argentina forty years ago. The Pope of Roman Catholics must be raked over coals, but their [Read More...]

Turns out the whole “Banishment of Cdl. Law” thing is totally bogus

Allen locutus, causa finita. I figured. [Read more...]

Oh! Wait! Never Mind. The Cuomos Disapprove of the Pope. Do Over.

In a piece that constitutes a sort of platonic ideal form of Northeast Corridor Elite fatuity, the Cuomo clan delivers their verdict:  Francis is too Catholic and not nearly enough New York.  In other words, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the provincials of the Smart Set.  You really don’t even need to read it.  [Read More...]

Another Hopeful Sign

“The idea that celibacy produces paedophiles can be forgotten,” he says. “If a priest is a paedophile, he is so before he becomes a priest. But when this happens you must never look away. You cannot be in a position of power and use it to destroy the life of another person.” Bergoglio says he [Read More...]

Pope Francis: Chestertonian

Sean Dailey informs me: “The new pope is an honorary board member of the Argentinean Chesterton Society.” Seals the deal for me. [Read more...]

Rod Dreher Argues with me

About the pope sacking bishops. I’ve said this before but it tends to get lost in the shuffle: it’s not a question of what the Pope “can” or “should” do.  It’s a question of what he will do. I personally would like to see the Pope kick more butts (*cough* Mahony *cough*). But I think this [Read More...]