Some Perspective on Francis, Priesthood, and Curial Appointments

I keep having panicky readers complain, “It is obvious that Francis has it in for faithful conservative Catholics. Look at how he just stripped Cardinal Burke of power and prestige!” Reality check. The priesthood is not about power and prestige. “He that would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all” is the actual job [Read More…]

Pope to Host Conference on Why Marriage is Man-Woman

Turns out the guy is Catholic!  Who knew? [Read more…]

Elton John and the five stages of Intentional Discipleship

Since my post on Elton John admiring Pope Francis, lots of people are writing me to ring various changes on “Elton John is gay.  Don’t you realize that is a sin?” and “He has very false ideas of marriage and thinks the pope supports them.  You can’t evangelize on the basis of a lie.” and [Read More…]

Elton John greatly admires Pope Francis

He joins a growing list of people (who represent millions more), hitherto disaffected from the Church, who find they trust and admire him and are revisiting what the gospel has to say because of him. Meanwhile, it is the mark of the madness of our age that the Greatest Catholics of All Time see this [Read More…]

“God is not a divine being”

There’s the latest panic attack source for Reactionaries filled with the dread that, say what Pollyanna fools like me will, the pope is a heretic. The remark (not sure how accurately translated, since the Italian is “demiurgo” and looks to me like “demiurge” is meant) comes from his comments on evolution the other day: “God is [Read More…]

Pope Francis In radical break with his predecessors…

Pope John Paul II … Today, more than a half-century after the appearance of that encyclical, some new findings lead us toward the recognition of evolution as more than an hypothesis.* In fact it is remarkable that this theory has had progressively greater influence on the spirit of researchers, following a series of discoveries in [Read More…]

Well done, Michael Voris

He apologizes for his “Pope Harming the Church” video: [Read more…]

Bergoglio’s List is out today

One of the funniest misfires in the wake of the election of Francis was the instantaneous attempt of the hardcore atheist and Catholic hater crowd on the Left to accuse him of being a tool of the military dictator nasties in Argentina who disappeared political enemies, etc during the Dirty War. It was a very [Read More…]

Francis is preparing an encyclical on Ecology for 2015

Yet another reason for the Greatest Catholics of All Time to wet themselves. He won’t say anything new, of course.  Though he may well say something old in a new way that will surprise us.  But he’s damned from the outset by the Arugula Principle of Heretic-Burning “Conservatism”. Permit me to explain. Long ago, when [Read More…]

Pope Francis and the Charismatics

Sean Salai, SJ, at America writes: Continuing my Pope Francis theme from our interview last week, I thought my interview today with Patti Gallagher Mansfield on Pope Francis and the Charismatic Renewal might interest you. Patti met Francis at the Catholic charismatic convention he attended in Rome last summer — he even mentioned her by [Read More…]