When People are Running Around Defending the Church from Pope Francis

…it’s only fitting that somebody should defend Pope Francis from the defenders. [Read more...]

Ruling Class Teenage Supervillains vs. the Only Grownup on the World Stage

On the one hand, the men and women We the People elected to high office continue to act like adolescent Dr. Evils–threatening to destroy the world economy if their petulant demands for ego assuagement are not met. The Koch Brothers and the Heritage Foundation realize, to their horror, that the monsters they have created might [Read More...]

Conservatives continue defending Church from Pope

A couple of years ago, George Weigel had the chutzpah to try to chop up Caritas in Veritate into the bits he liked (and we should all listen to) and the bits he disliked (and were therefore disposable). In a burst of hyper-efficiency, John Zmirak now does Weigel one better by leading the charge to protect [Read More...]

As Francis Continues to Neglect the Liturgy in Favor of All That Care for the Poor Crap….

…let’s cast our minds back to what a really good Pope had to say: “Love for the poor and the divine liturgy go hand in hand, love for the poor is liturgy” (Pope Benedict XVI, 1 October 2008). Man. The difference between these two is like night and day. Polar opposites. No wonder the MSM [Read More...]

Old School Evangelism for People Panicking about Francis…

…opening the Church to the riff raff–from reader Kevin Tierney: For those who worry about the enemies of the faith liking Francis, I think we ‘defenders’ should just pipe down and let the master of catechesis speak: “Possibly too you have come on another pretext. It is possible that a man is wishing to pay [Read More...]

Reader Dan C Gets it…

That is, he gets that the only real difference between Francis and his immediate predecessors is not a change in the Church’s teaching, but simply a particular gift for being able to make the Church’s teaching heard. All the recent popes have said the same thing.  The difference is that Francis is unavoidable.  Three central [Read More...]

Is Francis a Medjugorje Skeptic?

Hard to tell, but interesting if true. Fr. Z comments. [Read more...]

One of the Many Reasons I Like the Imaginative Conservative…

(apart from their snappy new design) is that, unlike so many conservatives confronted with a Pope who says things that are not in accord with the normal playbook, the folks at Imaginative Conservative attempt the astounding spectacle of trying to listen to him, understand him, and even apply his teaching to their lives instead of [Read More...]

Don’t be a sucker for the manufactured Benedict/Francis Feud Narrative

One of the narratives you will find being manufactured by the Andrew Sullivans and HuffPo types is the dream of some sort of “repudiation” of Benedict by Francis. The narrative is basically “evil old Benedict is finally being broomed into history by our New Leftist Pope who is finally going to usher in the Great [Read More...]

Simcha Fisher Continues Speaking Common Sense

to panicky bedwetters who are convinced that every time the pope clears his throat his sole purpose is to betray them. It is truly bizarre to live in a time when self-described faithful Catholics seriously seem to believe that God has laid it on their humble shoulders to defend the Faith from the Pope. What [Read More...]