American Spectator writer suffers dramatic delusion; imagines he is St. Paul

Whenever a Christian wants to get angry about something, no matter how dumb or unjust his anger, he always likens himself to Jesus overturning the tables of the moneychangers. Whenever a Catholic wants to blow off something the pope says that challenges his cherished lifestyle commitments or political allegiances he has two choices. If he [Read More...]

Just a reminder…

…you know that beloved Scripture passage about how “If a man will not work, he shall not eat”?  The one that undergirds all those Randian demands to cut off the poor at the knees if they are unemployed? Yeah.  See, it turns out Paul was not drafting a bill on welfare reform for Congress.  He [Read More...]

Pope Francis vs. Savage Capitalism

After an epiphany he dropped his prepared text and spoke from the heart t0 20,000 unemployed workers. I love this guy so much. [Read more...]

Basic Rule of Thumb for Papal Controversies

Popes virtually never actually say something that can’t be squared with the Tradition.  Just about the last time it happened was the monothelite heresy, when Honorius expressed some incautious opinions in a private letter.  Beyond that it’s a pretty rare occasion. And yet, there are frequent panic attacks about the Pope throughout the past 40 [Read More...]

Combox Star Chamber Reactionaries Across St. Blog’s Deliberate, Figure out What’s Wrong with Francis

Turns out his problem is that he’s just a garrulous old fool who runs off at the mouth and gives the MSM all sorts of opportunities to misunderstand him.  No wonder comboxers who are more Catholic than him panic and declare him a traitor. That sort of thing never *ever* happened when good Popes like [Read More...]

Pope Francis Contradicts Himself!

On that thing he never said in the first place! Just after (reportedly) announcing “Abortion fiesta!  No problem! Lighten up, Catholics!” he now tells doctors not to perform abortions!  Press baffled! Chesterton, as is his custom, gets the confusion of the media, which was exactly the same a century ago: The great temptation of the [Read More...]

Francis’ Interview and the Unexpected Unity of the NY Times and the Francis Haters

Well, it’s been a day now since Francis’ terrific interview was published. First thing you should do go read the whole thing, cuz it’s great. What’s fascinating to me is how many people are reacting, not to the interview, but to the dunderheaded way in which it is being misread and misinterpreted in the media. [Read More...]

Remember: Take off 50 IQ Points When the MSM Covers Religion

You recall that when the MSM covers something you actually know about, they often get it badly wrong? So remember that when the MSM covers something you don’t know about.  So when you don’t really know what the Pope said during an interview and the MSM attributes something really bizarre and outrageous to him (“Pope [Read More...]

A reader remarks on Pope Francis

Refreshing Mark, though I’m sure you’ve read the original ages ago Pope Francis: neither a liberal nor a conservative, but a radical Christian with a heroic gospel Pope Francis is a beguiling, confusing pontif. Some in the media imagine him to be Fr Liberal, parachuting into the slums to feed the hungry and chastise the [Read More...]

I’m glad to hear such common sense was spoken at the Conclave

Before electing Pope Francis, cardinals heard plea for unity, holiness One of the biggest threats Grech (Maltese Cardinal Prosper Grech) saw was a threat to the unity of the Catholic community. (…) Between ultra-traditionalist extremists and ultra-progressive extremists, between priests rebelling against obedience and those who don’t recognize the signs of the times, there always [Read More...]