Peter speaking truth to power

“Why is it that so many powerful people don’t want peace? Because they live on war! The arms industry: this is grave! The powerful, some of the powerful, profit from the production of arms and they sell arms to this country which is against that one, and then they sell them to the one that [Read More…]

Pope Francis Shocks the World!…

…by talking just like his predecessors. [Read more…]

It takes a sinner to understand this Pope

Daniel Schwindt offers a beautiful biographical reflection on why this pope speaks to him so deeply. People ask me in bafflement what Francis is up to. I am baffled at their bafflement. Everything you need to know about this man is summed up in the words “He has preached good news to the poor.” And [Read More…]

Watching a Rumor Solidify into a Lie…

and then become a “fact” for Trumpian consumer of fake news. March 7: Liesite News publishes a piece titled “Italian archbishop: Pope Benedict retired due to ‘tremendous pressure’“. In it, a retired Italian archbishop trades in the baseless claim that, despite his flat denial to the contrary, Benedict was forced from office by pressure from [Read More…]

Of Popes and Trumpists

Some reflection over at Commonweal on living in an extraordinary moment when many Catholics seriously talk as though Trump is somehow God’s Anointed and the Holy Father is some sort of enemy of the Church. The spectacle of Church Militant telling the faithful that Trump is “Constantine” and gushing on about its own anointing by [Read More…]

“Because God has taken all of human reality, except sin. There is no God without Christ…

A God without Christ, ‘disincarnate,’ is a god that is not real” – Pope Francis This is why the Church can’t avoid getting down in the muck with every ordinary person. It’s where God is found. [Read more…]

Pope suggests it is better to be an atheist…

…than a hypocritical Catholic. Given that Jesus asked, “If the salt has lost its savor, wherewith shall it be salted again?” and it was of his traitorous disciple, not Pilate or Caiaphas, that he warned it was better that he had never been born, there is precedent in the Tradition for such a dire warning. [Read More…]

Muslim Refugee Hails Pope Francis

How both care for the least of these and evangelism is done. [Read more…]

Message of the Holy Father

on the Occasion of the World Meetings of Popular Movements in Modesto [Read more…]

People of the Lie at FOX…

…continue their attacks on the Holy Father.  And People of the Lie trapped in the worship of Trump swallow every word of it. These strange fit of madness seem to grip people from time to time.  Those outside the bubble of blindness look on in disbelief as the worshipper of some con man, false prophet, [Read More…]