The Partisan vs. the Pontifex

Jerry Falwell, Jr., recently photographed standing with Donald Trump in front of Trump’s Playboy cover to give assurance that Trump will give Christians all the kingdoms of this world and their glory if they will bow down and worship him, is in the news lecturing the Holy Father for not being judgmental and for putting [Read More…]

Pope Francis makes a few final remarks

…that are certainly not in any way directed at the American elections and one candidate in particular or anything. [Read more…]

Using a tragedy to attack the Holy Father…

…is just one of the disgusting services One Peter Five provides for those consumed with hatred of this Pope. Prayers for the victims of the quake in Norcia–and for the wretched people so filled with hatred of a good man that they resort to this to attack him.  God grant them mercy and healing through [Read More…]

Seamless Garment Heretic Rejects Five Non-Negotiables

[Read more…]

Turns out Pope is Catholic

Expresses skepticism of gender theory, defends Christian conception of marriage and sexuality because he’s, you know, the pope and there was never any doubt what he believes except among the Greatest Catholics of All Time. [Read more…]

Benedict Hearts Francis

Yep. Love both these guys. In Benedict XVI’s own words, he sees “no breach anywhere” between his pontificate and that of his successor. “New accents yes, but no contradictions,” he told Seewald. “He is a man of practical reform. And that is the courage with which he addresses problems and searches for solutions. [Read more…]

A reader struggles with a sense of loneliness in the Church

He writes: I just came across your “honest and heartfelt exchange with a friend who feels l have changed” — on Patheos.  It resonates, thank you.  In many ways this has been my experience as well.  So I wanted to write a short note to encourage you. Our parish here in Alberta is very conservative [Read More…]

Turns out the Pope is Catholic

Says that you don’t choose your gender. Quelle surprise! [Read more…]

Glenn Greenwald on the Insularity and Failure…

…of Western elites. Hillary, as a dutiful servant of the 1%, will continue that failure. Trump, as a fascist demagogue, recognizes in that failure an opportunity, not to help the increasing numbers of people suffering from radical income inequality, but a way to direct their rage to his own advantage and enrichment. Lyndon Johnson touched [Read More…]

My friend Joe Grabowski writes…

I hope this is taken in the spirit in which it is offered… The thing is, I’ve tried to be upset about the Pope’s recent interview. It isn’t my default setting, I’m afraid. I’ve bristled a bit at the timing and the phrasing of some of his previous impromptu statements, however, and I know this [Read More…]