Glenn Greenwald on the Insularity and Failure…

…of Western elites. Hillary, as a dutiful servant of the 1%, will continue that failure. Trump, as a fascist demagogue, recognizes in that failure an opportunity, not to help the increasing numbers of people suffering from radical income inequality, but a way to direct their rage to his own advantage and enrichment. Lyndon Johnson touched [Read More…]

My friend Joe Grabowski writes…

I hope this is taken in the spirit in which it is offered… The thing is, I’ve tried to be upset about the Pope’s recent interview. It isn’t my default setting, I’m afraid. I’ve bristled a bit at the timing and the phrasing of some of his previous impromptu statements, however, and I know this [Read More…]

Pope Francis, in Armenia, calls Armenian Genocide, “Genocide”

I love this guy so much! My son Peter aptly described him as “inconveniently good”.  Perfect. [Read more…]

There is no special set of “non-negotiable” values…

…according to Pope Francis. Hoo boy is *this* going to cause some cow-having.  But he is, of course, perfectly right.  And the sooner the prolife movement figures this out, the sooner they will stop being everlastingly manipulated into using the unborn as human shields for war against the Church on behalf of GOP Culture of [Read More…]

Pope Raises Memorial of St. Mary Magdalene to a Feast

I love this guy so much. St. Mary Magdalene not only gets honored as the Apostle to the Apostles, but it’s a fitting act during this year of mercy given her common veneration as the “sinful woman” who received the mercy of God in washing Christ’s feet with her tears.  A characteristic gesture from a pope [Read More…]

All of Media History Re: the Church since 2005

With Benedict, the Right believed fantasies about him as the Great Rottweiler and the Left believed and feared the Right’s fantasies. With Francis, the Left believes fantasies about him as the Great Heretic Reformer and the Right believes and fears the Left’s fantasies. [Read more…]

Pope has unkind words…

…for “bloodsucking” bosses and prosperity gospel crap. I love this guy so much! Turns out denial of a just wage is still a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance. And you still cannot serve God and Mammon. [Read more…]

Jimmy Akin on Francis…

…on Lutherans and Communion. Jimmy is his typically lucid self. I think Francis is struggling with this. As did Benedict.  Benedict, recall, gave communion to Br. Roger of Taize, who was not a Catholic. I realize this is all cut-and-dried for a lot of Catholics, but I think it is a real source of anguish for [Read More…]

Benedict on Creation

Christopher Dodson of the North Dakota Catholic Conference writes: After reading some of the attacks on Pope Francis for “straying” into the subject of climate change that his predecessor supposedly would not have touched, I recalled that I had once compiled a list of speeches and addresses about climate change made Pope Benedict and members [Read More…]

A reader struggles with his faith

He writes: I am sorry but I simply had to reach out to a fellow Catholic. I may not be too much help, but here goes. I feel that I am losing my religion.  I had once believed that the Holy Spirit guides the College of Cardinals in the selection of the most wisest holiest candidate for the [Read More…]