Real Men

Another popular lie of the Torture Defender is enunciated by a manly laptop bombardier in my comboxes: War is dirty business. I guess there are people out there willing to do the dirty work so the rest of us can go about pursuing the American Dream. OK, libbys, bring on the tough love! In contrast, [Read More...]

Pope Calls Angry Blogger

Gets Excommunicated. The keenly discerning combox Magisterium of Real Catholic is really flexing its muscles. Fresh from its profoundly wise defenses of ramming food up a man’s anus as totally compatible with the holy will of Jesus Christ, it is now working hard to rid the Church of the scourge of Pope Francis. The awesome [Read More...]

Francis on the Burke Kerfuffle

After that the issue of the Order of Malta cropped up and we needed a smart American who would know how to get around and I thought of him for that position. I suggested this to him long before the synod. I said to him, “This will take place after the synod because I want [Read More...]

Yes! Finally!

Thank you, Bill Doino, for getting what the “Pope’s true agenda” is and helping others to get it too! For some, this vision of the Church is confusing, and symbolic of a papacy that is “all over the place.” But if Francis is all over the place, so too is Catholicism, which is a faith of many dimensions, as [Read More...]

The Brilliant Tom Kreitzberg Sums Things Up

Sez he: This business of Pope Francis “sowing confusion” reminds me of the American who gets angry at his wife for taking him to France because he can’t understand the language and says, “I didn’t used to not speak French.” If Pope Francis is confusing you, you’ve always been confused, you just didn’t notice it [Read More...]

Benedict XVI on the Council

He is his typical insightful self: “There was the Council of the Fathers — the real Council — but there was also the Council of the media,” said Benedict in his valedictory to his priests. “It was almost a Council apart, and the world perceived the Council through the latter, through the media. Thus, the [Read More...]

Cardinal George has some questions for Pope Francis

Very reasonable ones, it seems to me, and I’d love to be a fly on the wall at that conversation. One reader informs me that I divide the whole discussion of this papacy into Francis-hating Reactionaries vs. All is Well. Nope. There are perfectly legitimate things to wonder about with this pope as with any [Read More...]

Lizzie Scalia on Pope Francis

Chemist.  Yep.  The man is not afraid to make a mess.  One of the many reasons I love the guy. [Read more...]

Some Perspective on Francis, Priesthood, and Curial Appointments

I keep having panicky readers complain, “It is obvious that Francis has it in for faithful conservative Catholics. Look at how he just stripped Cardinal Burke of power and prestige!” Reality check. The priesthood is not about power and prestige. “He that would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all” is the actual job [Read More...]

Pope to Host Conference on Why Marriage is Man-Woman

Turns out the guy is Catholic!  Who knew? [Read more...]