Pope Francis and True Mercy

Bishop Robert Barron on the most difficult aspect of the Church’s entire corpus of moral teaching. [Read more…]

Six 20-somethings in D.C. will give up many comforts of modern life for a year …

…to serve the sick and the poor, a nod to the pope’s teachings. [Read more…]

In addition to meeting with Kim Davis privately…

…(thus proving to Lefties that Pope Francis is a traitor to all that is good and holy), he also met with a gay couple privately (thus proving to Righties that he is a traitor to all that is good and holy). Me: I think he proved he is a shepherd–yet again. [Read more…]

A reader asks what I think of the Pope meeting Kim Davis

He writes: I have great respect for your opinion and have been wondering what you think of the Kim Davis/Pope Francis meeting. The meeting itself doesn’t bother me, but the secrecy of it does. If I were on the other side of the marriage issue, I think I’d feel like the Pope was trying to [Read More…]

Bishop Robert Barron on…

The Pope, the Congress, and a Trappist Monk [Read more…]

Michael Gerson, a Thoughtful Evangelical, Looks at the Personalism of Pope Francis…

…and of the gospel: This guy gets it. [Read more…]

A suggestion for R.R. Reno at First Things

Mr. Reno:  Though I applaud your decision to give Maureen Mullarkey’s pope-hating blog the well-deserved ax, I think it is important to note that the level of sheer malice and batshit crazy in the comboxes announcing he ouster at First Things is, like the popularity of Donald Trump among the wreckage of what was once [Read More…]

Credit Where Credit is Due

John Fea penned a very thoughtful piece on Francis for FOX that, among other things, assesses how far the US has come in overcoming it anti-Catholicism and in giving a warm welcome to the pope.  A very fine piece that reads the pope as he should read and tries to eschew political labels for Catholic [Read More…]

Culture Shock

One of the most hilarious parts of the recent papal visit was listening to Evangelicals grimly warn Catholics “You shall have no other gods before me” and exhorting them not to worship the pope, while so many Catholics were spending all their waking hours complaining about what a terrible pope he is. Evangelicals really need [Read More…]

The Rhythm of Jimmy Akin’s Life

1. Crazy people spread loony rumor based on crazy misreading of something Francis said. 2. Jimmy explains what Francis actually said. 3. Crazy people complain, “If Francis is so orthodox, why are you constantly having to explain what he said?” [Read more…]