runs false headline claiming Francis has issued call to arms in Iraq

This headline is dangerously and recklessly false: Pope Francis calls for ARMED RESPONSE to defend Christians from Genocide – Middle East -… No. He has not: Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., said that Pope Francis “urgently calls on the international community to protect all those affected by the violence and to guarantee all necessary assistance [Read More...]

Pope Denounces Usury as “Inhuman”

Whaddaya know.  Turns out it’s still a sin.  That’s more Traditional than most of us bargain for. I love this guy so much! For a related perspective from Distributists… [Read more...]

Stupid Francis-Hating Conservative Tricks

Talking Hairdo at Breitbart complains that Francis is helping kids at US border but not persecuted Iraqis. Yeah. Why doesn’t he unleash some drones or Swiss Guards on ISIS? Um, your honor, the Pope has no divisions. He can pray (and has) for the persecuted Christians in the Mideast. He can express his love and [Read More...]

I love this guy so much!

Francis meets with abuse victims at Vatican. [Read more...]


When people say “Francis sends a confusing message because not everybody understands him with crystal clarity!” I always wonder if they have ever read the New Testament. Ours is, after all, a Tradition that includes the book of Revelation and the Parable of the Dishonest Steward. [Read more...]

Apparently the End is Beginning Again

Francis is, according to kooks and reactionaries, just the worst.  I thought the End was beginning at the Assisi conference in 1987. Or when refugee Jews prayed in the Vatican when Pius XII sheltered them. Or when the pope failed to heed the Reformers. Or when this or that or the other Chicken Little declared [Read More...]

Pope Sort of, but not really, Condemns Marijuana Legalization

Evidently, “Peter” means “Rock” and not “Stoner”. Ah me!  I slay me. Actually, we discover that he really didn’t say anything about legalizing pot, but a) all politics is local so the article assumes he must really be talking about American Baby Boomers because what else matters? and b) I can’t resist a bad joke. [Read more...]

Sensus Fidelium Doesn’t Mean Majority Opinion

sez Francis. I love this guy so much! [Read more...]

Pope Francis says world economic system inevitably leads to war

“We are in a world economic system that is not good,” Pope Francis said. “A system that in order to survive must make war, as great empires have always done. But since you cannot have a Third World War, you have regional wars. And what does this mean? That arms are made and sold..” Will [Read More...]

Mackerel Snapper Asks the Musical Question…

“Who died and made you Pope?” FWIW, most of the people so eager to defend the Church from the Holy Father actually seem to think that somebody died and made them St. Catherine of Siena, anointing them to correct the Holy Father’s many grave sins and errors and conspiracies to destroy the Church by means [Read More...]