The text of the Pope’s Address to the UN

Mr President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for your kind words. Once again, following a tradition by which I feel honored, the Secretary General of the United Nations has invited the Pope to address this distinguished assembly of nations. In my own name, and that of the entire Catholic community, I wish to express to [Read More…]

Wow! Boehner Resigns…

…and connects it directly to Francis’ speech: Boehner, who didn’t speak to reporters on Friday, also told the lawmakers that Pope Francis’ visit to Congress the day before was a crystallizing moment, according to the lawmaker. Boehner then read the prayer of St. Francis to the conference after announcing his decision. Makes you wonder what [Read More…]

The Curious Difference between the Left and Right Ear

So the Pope spoke to Congress yesterday and the righties of St. Blogs are going mad because, just like Benedict XVI addressing European Parliamentarians, he never mentioned the word abortion.  But, of course, since he’s Francis and not Benedict, we are to conclude that this makes him (I am not making this up) the worst [Read More…]

Sherry Weddell will be on “Connecting the Dots” today

Sherry is the author of Forming Intentional Disciples.  We will be discussing the Francis Effect on the revival of American Catholic life and his impacts on evangelization across the world. You can listen live at 5PM Eastern here. Feel free to call in at 1-573-4BREAD4.   [Read more…]

Facebook is being glitchy today. Here’s why:

Facebook is very upset because the pope didn’t use the word “abortion” when he was talking about protecting human life at every stage of development. Now nobody knows what the Church teaches about abortion anymore. FB is also mad because the pope said “peace and justice” which are dirty words that only liberals use. FB [Read More…]

Here’s the text of Pope Francis’ Address to Congress

Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members of Congress, Dear Friends, I am most grateful for your invitation to address this Joint Session of Congress in “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” I would like to think that the reason for this is that I too am a son of this [Read More…]

One Unexpected Side Benefit of the Papal Visit…

…is that we have gone for the whole week so far without hearing the name “Donald Trump”. Already, he seems like a fading nightmare in the clear light of day. It’s hard to believe he ever existed. And rhetoric like this just seems like a joke out of comedy: You read it with a sense [Read More…]

Francis Meets with Little Sisters of the Poor

…after calling for religious liberty on the White House lawn. Fun! Special bonus Francican moment: Foregoes lunch with Boehner, Pelosi, McConnell and Reid to go serve lunch to the homeless. I love this guy so much. [Read more…]

Shep Smith has always been one of the few people at FOX I respect

He has a history of clearly resenting the excrement FOX purveys, resisting, for instance, the decade-long campaign of the network to teach its flock that torture was Teh Awsum: Now he risks the wrath of the Movement Conservative Hivemind at FOX by (gasp!) saying nice things about Francis’s positions on Unapproved Subjects (basically anything apart [Read More…]

Pope Delivers Living Example of How to Treat Refugees at our Border

Terrifying invader–also known as “adorable little girl”–welcomed and loved and cherished by Holy Father, because she is a human being: At this point, it is customary for the nativist to start looking for evil: her parents put her up to it, they were shouting “Yes we can!” in Spanish and are therefore ritually unclean Obama [Read More…]