85 people own nearly half of global wealth

This week, the world’s wealthy and powerful meet in Davos, Switzerland, for their annual talk fest and exchange of business cards. This year several panels have been organized around the theme of widening inequality – which has grown even more extreme since the Great Recession, both in the U.S. and around the world. As you [Read More...]

Is Francis…

…building Benedict’s Church?  They certainly seem to be on the same page a lot. [Read more...]

He’s Baaaaaaack!

Adam Shaw, having apparently blown the last 30 pieces of silver he earned from FOX for his brainless hit piece on Francis as “the Catholic Church’s Obama–God Help Us” now returns to plunge his snout into Rupert Murdoch’s hog trough of money for anybody who will prostitute himself to rid his paymaster of this meddlesome [Read More...]

Chris Dodson of the North Dakota Catholic Conference Confirms

…Pope’s economic teaching turns out to be Catholic. Cuz he’s, you know, the pope. Turns out you can get a much better sense of what he thinks and believes by reading what he says and comparing it with the Church’s teaching than by listening to panic-stricken Reactionaries who think they are clairvoyants prophecying Doom on [Read More...]

Pope Francis has Lunch with Some Argentinian Jewish Leaders

On cue, reactionary hysterics wet themselves.Cuz Jesus never ate with Jews or anything. Reactionaries need a blankie and a bottle of warm milk. The only people in the Church who regard pope Francis as a problem are the people who have been so wrong about so much so many times that you’d think they would [Read More...]

Think Where We Were 10 Years Ago

Now read this remark from a reader, echoing lots of similar remarks: I thought you might be interested in the following anecdotes. I have a number of friends who are non-catholic, and indeed a number of friends who are openly skeptical of the church. A number of these folks have been expressing admiration for the [Read More...]

Damn Komminnisses is Everywhere

[Read more...]

Stupid Papal Headline Contender for 2014

Pope, in nod to conservatives, calls abortion ‘horrific’ I hear he affirmed the existence of God as a nod to theists and opposes oppression of the poor as a nod to Marxists. I look forward to his Marian devotion as a nod to women and his bold affirmation of gravity as a nod to scientists. [Read More...]

The Heretic Pope: Traitor to the Prolife Movement!!!!

Boy, it’s just so confusing where he stands!  I think he only says this stuff to throw us off the scent of his obvious heresy in saying the gospel is primarily about the encounter with Jesus Christ and not primarily about a set of abstract moral platitudes and red meat culture war slogans.  “Encounter with [Read More...]

I love this guy so much!

Reason #5987376 to love Pope Francis: Pope Francis is the giant question mark in the center of any discussion of the future of the Legion. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio had only a tenuous, tense relationship with the Legion, one priest told me. The Legion often tried to include him in fundraising dinners or events. He would [Read More...]