Apparently the End is Beginning Again

Francis is, according to kooks and reactionaries, just the worst.  I thought the End was beginning at the Assisi conference in 1987. Or when refugee Jews prayed in the Vatican when Pius XII sheltered them. Or when the pope failed to heed the Reformers. Or when this or that or the other Chicken Little declared [Read More...]

Pope Sort of, but not really, Condemns Marijuana Legalization

Evidently, “Peter” means “Rock” and not “Stoner”. Ah me!  I slay me. Actually, we discover that he really didn’t say anything about legalizing pot, but a) all politics is local so the article assumes he must really be talking about American Baby Boomers because what else matters? and b) I can’t resist a bad joke. [Read more...]

Sensus Fidelium Doesn’t Mean Majority Opinion

sez Francis. I love this guy so much! [Read more...]

Pope Francis says world economic system inevitably leads to war

“We are in a world economic system that is not good,” Pope Francis said. “A system that in order to survive must make war, as great empires have always done. But since you cannot have a Third World War, you have regional wars. And what does this mean? That arms are made and sold..” Will [Read More...]

Mackerel Snapper Asks the Musical Question…

“Who died and made you Pope?” FWIW, most of the people so eager to defend the Church from the Holy Father actually seem to think that somebody died and made them St. Catherine of Siena, anointing them to correct the Holy Father’s many grave sins and errors and conspiracies to destroy the Church by means [Read More...]

Pope Francis Sacks Entire Board of Vatican’s Financial Watchdog

I love this guy so much. I have a Dominican priest friend (very big, far bigger than I am, on liturgical issues and quite staunchly orthodox) who said, “I don’t really expect Francis to be a big liturgy guy. The joke among us Dominicans is ‘As lost as a Jesuit during Holy Week.’ But if [Read More...]

Wow! If this happens, it will be the hugesest thing in the Church since the Great Schism

Pope, Orthodox Patriarch look to new council at Nicea There are certain kerfuffles going on in the reactionary fever swamps to the effect that I “apologize” for this pope. The subtext is that I shift in my seat uncomfortably, knowing down deep what a horrible disaster he is, but like a good trooper for evil [Read More...]

Gerard Nadal Ph D nails it …

…concerning the Greatest Catholics of All Time once again bashing our good and holy pope: “Some other award winning and sensational headlines from years gone by: Jesus Dines with Prostitutes Galilean Rabbi Allows Woman with 12-year Hemorrhage to Touch Him. Jesus at it Again, This Time Dines with Tax Collector. Nazorean has Feet Washed by [Read More...]

We Now Live in a Curious Age

An age when the National Catholic Reporter is calling allegedly Faithful Conservative Catholics[TM], whose special boast is that they are not CINO’s like those awful Reporter readers, to listen to the Pope and not attack him. And the response to that can be pretty neatly divided between those Catholics who say, “I’m glad the Reporter [Read More...]

Pope Francis Vindicates Mike Flynn…

…announces aliens can be baptized. Rejoice! There is hope for Krenken! [Read more...]