Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebraska) Offers a Respectful Welcome to Francis…

…and demonstrates that you don’t have to be nuts to be a conservative. [Read more…]

Ann Coulter Erupts in Know Nothingism

Tweets: I’m an American and this is why our founders (not “immigrants”!) distrusted Catholics & wouldn’t make them citizens. The Right is really losing its marbles over this Pope (and, as Coulter makes clear, over the Catholic faith itself). Good.  It’s healthy for Catholics to be reminded that the Kingdom of Heaven is not the [Read More…]

Here’s the text of Francis speech at the White House

Mr. President, I am deeply grateful for your welcome in the name of all Americans. As the son of an immigrant family, I am happy to be a guest in this country, which was largely built by such families. I look forward to these days of encounter and dialogue, in which I hope to listen [Read More…]

Pope Francis is not a “Progressive”…

He’s a priest. An intelligent look at Francis from the Atlantic. If you are baffled by Francis because you have been trained to reflexively analyze all things through an American culture war and political lens, throw away the lens and memorize these words: they explain virtually everything you need to know about this pope and [Read More…]

Interesting Piece on Francis and Pius XII

Here: “On an even more sensitive front, Francis has tipped his hand with a strong defense of the debated record of Pope Pius XII…”–good to see an article on this subject get that right, along with encouraging words about the strengthening of Jewish-Catholic relations–Francis has made at least a half a dozen statements praising Pius [Read More…]

Today’s Right Wing Francis Hatred

The Right is in complete panic mode. [Read more…]

Why Conservatives are Going Nuclear…

…on Pope Francis. “It matters because of what it shows us about the way ideological fixations have corrupted the conservative outlook, which once treated political passions with suspicion and took its stand with institutions and traditions older than the latest partisan fads.” ~Damon Linker I remember when conservatives conserved. Good times. Good times. [Read more…]

Lizzie Scalia Gets into the Saddle Over at Aleteia

She looks at the Papal Visit and asks “How offended do you want to be?” [Read more…]

The White House is More Afraid of Offending China

…than the Pope. It’s easy to bravely face the applause of your peers on cheap social hot button issues they all agree with you about–especially when that butt of your disrespect is the disciple of a Messiah who says to turn the other cheek–than it is to treat the leader of a giant power with [Read More…]

Today’s Festival of Conservative Francis Hate

In addition to a Congressional member of the Greatest Catholics of All Time boycotting the Pope rather than so much as hear about new ideas and stuff because the pope is not coming to pledge support for a new war but to talk about Laudato Si, the Party of Crazy also offers these welcome mats to [Read More…]