Fr. Z seems to getting the knives out for Pope Francis

The man needs to go do something priestly–like Francis–not make things worse by selling kitsch to help egg his readers on to still more Reactionary arrogance.  This passive-aggressive BS is poison. [Read more...]

Rush Just Keeps Getting Better

Did El Rushbo Make Il Papa TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year? “Now, I’m not a narcissist and I don’t think everything’s about me…” Mhm. [Read more...]

Rush Limbaugh Explains it All For You

“My point is I’ve got no bias against it*, quite the contrary, and I was literally stunned** by what I read in that Reuters report. Because if it weren’t for capitalism, there wouldn’t be a Catholic Church***.” * “no bias against it” appears to, in fact, mean “no knowledge of it”. Now that he is [Read More...]

Fr. Barron Offers a Typically Smart Take

…on Francis as TIME’s Man of the Year. Best part, he not only gets Francis, he gets TIME’s inability to get Francis: [Read more...]

Good news, bad news

The Good News: Pope Francis beats Miley Cyrus for TIME Person of the Year The Bad News: TIME seriously considered Miley Cyrus “Person of the Year” material Anyway, nice to see a Person of the Year who actually merits being Person of the Year.  Also nice to see TIME actually learning a bit about the [Read More...]

The Odious Stuart Varney…

…assists Adam Shaw’s assault on pope Francis by carrying forward the video portion of the FOX war on the Holy Father (warning: some typical Daily Show crudities): The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook This is not going to change because a) Pope Francis is not going to change [Read More...]

Goody! More Fr. Barron on Evangelii Gaudium!

This guy really gets it! [Read more...]

Patrick Deneen at The American Conservative

…gets it re: Pope Francis. He’s a big sign of hope, as is the generally positive feedback I’ve been getting for the fisk of the FOX hit piece on the pope. The sheep know the shepherd’s voice and will not follow a stranger. [Read more...]

The Thing that Used to Be Conservatism Puts out a Hit on Francis

…in which we look at some of the emerging strategies that are being deployed as Rush Limbaugh and FOX declare war Francis and Catholic Social Teaching. Some people think FOX and the secular Right “value people of faith”. They do, exactly as the butcher values the lamb. Now that Shepherd Francis has begun alerting the [Read More...]

God Bless Rebecca Hamilton!

With the coordinated attacks now being undertaken against Pope Francis by Rush Limbaugh and FOX, we appear to be entering into a new phase in which the Makers and Manufacturers of Received Wisdom for the Thing that Used to be Conservatism are trying to force a choice among conservative Catholics between serving GOD or GOP. [Read More...]