Chris Dodson of the North Dakota Catholic Conference Confirms

…Pope’s economic teaching turns out to be Catholic. Cuz he’s, you know, the pope. Turns out you can get a much better sense of what he thinks and believes by reading what he says and comparing it with the Church’s teaching than by listening to panic-stricken Reactionaries who think they are clairvoyants prophecying Doom on [Read More...]

Pope Francis has Lunch with Some Argentinian Jewish Leaders

On cue, reactionary hysterics wet themselves.Cuz Jesus never ate with Jews or anything. Reactionaries need a blankie and a bottle of warm milk. The only people in the Church who regard pope Francis as a problem are the people who have been so wrong about so much so many times that you’d think they would [Read More...]

Think Where We Were 10 Years Ago

Now read this remark from a reader, echoing lots of similar remarks: I thought you might be interested in the following anecdotes. I have a number of friends who are non-catholic, and indeed a number of friends who are openly skeptical of the church. A number of these folks have been expressing admiration for the [Read More...]

Stupid Papal Headline Contender for 2014

Pope, in nod to conservatives, calls abortion ‘horrific’ I hear he affirmed the existence of God as a nod to theists and opposes oppression of the poor as a nod to Marxists. I look forward to his Marian devotion as a nod to women and his bold affirmation of gravity as a nod to scientists. [Read More...]

I love this guy so much!

Reason #5987376 to love Pope Francis: Pope Francis is the giant question mark in the center of any discussion of the future of the Legion. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio had only a tenuous, tense relationship with the Legion, one priest told me. The Legion often tried to include him in fundraising dinners or events. He would [Read More...]

A reader is pleased and puzzled to be Catholic

He writes: Hi Mark, enjoy your blog and writings. I’m new back to the church after decades in born again church’s. I’m thrilled to be back, after studying for a couple of years Catholic Church doctrine. Wonderful! Welcome back! But at the same time I understand again why many leave the church for what seems [Read More...]

Rich Guy Threatens to Take Ball and Go Home

…cuz Francis makes him jittery.  Simcha Fisher, being sane, offers a sane take.  Odds are high that the conservative voice that have put out hits on him as “the Obama of the Catholic Church” and a “pure Marxist” will all side with the rich guy and completely and totally forget and reject the meaning of [Read More...]

Straws in the Wind of the Holy Spirit

Exhibit A: A reader with connections to folks in mainline Protestantism writes: I just wanted to pass a note along to report on activities from across the Tiber. My friends are a twitter about Pope Francis’ exhortation. Seriously. Here in the Godless hinterlands, nearly all of them had read it. These are people who fit [Read More...]

What do Franciscan sisters think…

…about TIME’s person of the Year? [Read more...]

I love this guy so much

“I spoke about baptism and communion as spiritual food that helps one to go on; it is to be considered a remedy not a prize.” – Pope Francis I receive the sacraments, not because I deserve them, but because I don’t deserve them. If I, being what I am, can consider myself in some sense [Read More...]