I love this guy so much!

Reason #5987376 to love Pope Francis: Pope Francis is the giant question mark in the center of any discussion of the future of the Legion. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio had only a tenuous, tense relationship with the Legion, one priest told me. The Legion often tried to include him in fundraising dinners or events. He would [Read More...]

A reader is pleased and puzzled to be Catholic

He writes: Hi Mark, enjoy your blog and writings. I’m new back to the church after decades in born again church’s. I’m thrilled to be back, after studying for a couple of years Catholic Church doctrine. Wonderful! Welcome back! But at the same time I understand again why many leave the church for what seems [Read More...]

Rich Guy Threatens to Take Ball and Go Home

…cuz Francis makes him jittery.  Simcha Fisher, being sane, offers a sane take.  Odds are high that the conservative voice that have put out hits on him as “the Obama of the Catholic Church” and a “pure Marxist” will all side with the rich guy and completely and totally forget and reject the meaning of [Read More...]

Straws in the Wind of the Holy Spirit

Exhibit A: A reader with connections to folks in mainline Protestantism writes: I just wanted to pass a note along to report on activities from across the Tiber. My friends are a twitter about Pope Francis’ exhortation. Seriously. Here in the Godless hinterlands, nearly all of them had read it. These are people who fit [Read More...]

What do Franciscan sisters think…

…about TIME’s person of the Year? [Read more...]

I love this guy so much

“I spoke about baptism and communion as spiritual food that helps one to go on; it is to be considered a remedy not a prize.” – Pope Francis I receive the sacraments, not because I deserve them, but because I don’t deserve them. If I, being what I am, can consider myself in some sense [Read More...]

Mary Kochan has her head screwed on right

So she doesn’t waste any time at all worrying about curial appointments because she has real things to do in the real world that need her attention and so does not live in the fantasy world of people who believe that by griping in a combox or predicting certain doom for the Church if so [Read More...]

Pope Francis’ Latest Interview

A reader writes: You’ve likely seen this already, but in case you haven’t. At more than a few points, he speaks directly to me, and challenges me to go beyond myself toward what he termed in the recent exhortation as authentic personal fulfillment. He is a gift. Yeah. He has that effect on me too. [Read More...]

Fr. Z seems to getting the knives out for Pope Francis

The man needs to go do something priestly–like Francis–not make things worse by selling kitsch to help egg his readers on to still more Reactionary arrogance.  This passive-aggressive BS is poison. [Read more...]

Rush Just Keeps Getting Better

Did El Rushbo Make Il Papa TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year? “Now, I’m not a narcissist and I don’t think everything’s about me…” Mhm. [Read more...]