Catholic Congresscritter Bravely Faces the Applause of the Conservative Francis-Haters

Boycotts the Pope’s address to Congress because he and his Frankenstein base (the same sort of people who seriously believe that Trump is–I am not making this up–“trustworthy, empathetic, and well-suited to the Presidency“) believe that listening to people you disagree with and thinking new thoughts turns you gay. Here’s the thing: When a subculture [Read More…]

CNN on the Right Wing Francis Freak Out

Network finally gets around to noticing the hysteria on the Right, as well as talking to saner and cooler heads. A decently observed and written piece. [Read more…]

Pope Francis on the Moral Ordeal of Abortion

I love this guy so much. [Read more…]

The Right Wing Noise Machine’s Conflicting Nativist Narratives

With respect to the humanitarian disaster in Europe, the very carefully architected narrative of the Right Wing Noise Machine is that this man had it coming because he was a scam artist and a parasite and that he stands for the thousands and thousands of other refugees who are likewise being painted as invaders, terrorists, [Read More…]

There are three things I do not understand…

…four that are too wonderful for me: the way of a snake on a rock, the way of an eagle in the air, the way of a ship on the sea, and the way of the Church in annulment processes. Fortunately, Jimmy Akin understands this stuff, as well as the new changes to the process [Read More…]

Pope Francis Seems to be Connecting with Americans

He chatted with three different audiences the other day. [Read more…]

Philly inmates create carved chair for papal visit

Very nice craftsmanship. ¬†And fitting, particularly for this pope. [Read more…]

Bill Doino, Jr. on the Pope’s Upcoming Visit to America

In which he is, as I am, banking on it being a big success, even as there are likely to be some who will exploit the papal visit, for their own purposes–something to watch for–but he (and I) have confidence Francis will outmaneuver them, and ultimately win the day with the American public. [Read more…]

A Reader is Miffed at a Reflection I Wrote on the Gospel a While Back

He writes: Forgive me if I am reading into it, but your reflection on the Pharisees, sound and insightful in itself, seems to insinuate a rather harsh criticism of Pope Francis’ Catholic critics, or at any rate of an undefined subset of them. On this interpretation, the Holy Father is charismatically (not just juridically) in [Read More…]

Welfare Queens, St. James, Trump, Francis, and Recent Polls

These guys need to learn how to work for a living and not go around expecting society to provide for them. I say they be forced to pee in a cup and have it analyzed–preferably on a weekly basis. Then we can talk about some kind of community service they can do at minimum wage [Read More…]