What Conservatism Without Christ Will Look Like

This offering from “Britain First” has 206,057 shares on FB and over 10,000 likes: It’s so comforting to see the post-Christian Left and Right agree that there are lebensunwertes leben, whether fetal or adult, whom we can comfortably exile from humanity and treat as experimental meat. 133 Behold, how evil and wicked it is when monsters dwell in [Read More…]

Library Purges Corrie ten Boom’s “The Hiding Place”…

…for being “too Christian”.  One awaits the outcry during “Banned Books Week”. [Read more…]


“To protest against environmentalists and the Obama administration, conservative truck owners are tricking-out diesel pickups with coal stacks that belch out puffs of black smoke in a new campaign in the political culture war.” Liberals are assholes because many of the things they stand for are wrong, and even some of the good things they [Read More…]

A reader writes…

Just spent an hour in traffic court this am. I sat there feeling angry at how smug & self-righteous the judge was. Almost all of the people there were there for minor or technical infractions, no seat belt, proof of insurance, expired plates, failure to pay tickets & court fees, traffic cameras, one or two [Read More…]