Prayer Request and Praise Report

A reader writes: Your prayers are needed for a 22 yo young man who went to high school with my son. He has made 2 attempts on his own life and is currently hospitalized. Please also hold up his parents and entire medical team for wisdom, right judgement and strength. This will be a long battle and [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and a Praise Report

A reader writes: Would you ask the readers to pray for my cousin Alex, who takes the NCLEX-RN at 8am today. A pass means she’s a Registered Nurse. Thanks and God bless you all. Father, hear our prayer for Alex to pass with flying colors through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas, [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and Praise Report

A reader writes: I’ve had a lot going on in my family for the past couple of years and haven’t written to ask for prayer before, but I feel now’s the time to ask you to put this request before the blessed band of intercessors who follow the blog. It appears that my 83-year-old father [Read More…]

Praise Report and Prayer Request

A reader writes: Praised be Jesus Christ – now and forever praised! I am happy to write with this (still anonymous) praise report. The Shea Army came through with their prayers for intercession. I have secured some long-term part-time work which will ease the present burden substantially. It also offers the luxury of being personally [Read More…]

Reader You Prayed for and Helped Recently has Exciting News!

She writes: You’re not going to believe this, and I”m going to ask to you ask your network for prayers. I have a third interview on Friday and all goes well (why wouldn’t it?) I would start work on Tuesday. This isn’t just a “job,” it’s actually *resuming my career.* I can hardly believe it [Read More…]

Prayer Requests, Praise Reports, and Works of Mercy

A reader writes: I’m struggling with lustful desires even as I write this. Please pray for me. God have mercy, please rescue me Father, help this person overcome temptation and become happy and holy to the glory of your Name. Mother Mary, pray for him. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. I have [Read More…]

Prayer Request and Praise Report

A reader writes: First, let me thank you and the prayer warriors of your blog for earlier prayers on behalf of our daughter, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She is currently in remission and remains under treatment. Given that the cancer spread to her spine, lungs, and hips, it is miraculous that [Read More…]

Praise Report

A reader rejoices to write: I just wanted to give a quick update. My dad’s surgery on Friday went perfectly. In fact it went quicker then the doctors were expecting. He ended up not needing any more stents, and the doctors said his heart is actually healthier than it was two years ago before his [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

A reader writes: Would people pray for my Grandma. She had been vomiting last Friday. The vomiting had stopped from Saturday up to Monday. Then it returned yesterday and today. My Grandma went to the doctors, was prescribed iron, and to drink a lot of fluids. The doctor has also requested she undergo an ultrasound. [Read More…]

A word of thanks to all who respond to prayer requests

I started running prayer requests several years ago for a simple reason: I’m terrible at prayer.  I cleverly decided that since I’m so lousy at it, I would post the prayers I got from various folks in the hope and trust that *some*body out in my readership actually had charisms of intercession.  Result: tons more [Read More…]