Prayer request and praise report

A reader writes: To follow-up on my prayer request from last week on 2 year-old Luke.  Good news: the brain tumor is benign!  However, because of it’s size, he had surgery today to insert a shunt and the doctors are going to use Chemotherapy to attempt to shrink the tumor.  So, once again, please keep [Read More...]

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

For the good people of Los Alamos who are endangered by wildfires, that they would be protected and fires brought under control without harming anyone.  We ask that, Father, through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for them! Also a reader writes: I want to offer my gratitude for the prayers of you and [Read More...]

Praise Report!

A reader writes: My friend’s latest loan application was approved! He’ll be able to keep his apartment! Thank you so much for your prayers! Thanks be to our God and Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! And thanks to you guys for praying so faithfull for these needs. I’m struck by how often I hear [Read More...]

Praise report

A reader writes: Thank you and your readers for the prayers. My dad’s surgery was more involved than predicted, but the surgeon said it still went well, and my dad was released from the hospital this weekend. Also, little David, the baby son of a coworker, is also back at home after a scary weeklong [Read More...]

Praise Report and Prayer Request

A reader writes: I’d like to update your readers who may have prayed for Tim, who was in a snowmobiling accident about 6 weeks ago.  At certain points, he was not expected to survive, but he did, and now is at home on the mend!  It will be a long road, but he should eventually [Read More...]

News for Washingtonians (and a Prayer Request and Praise Report)

A reader writes: Although the report to which I link is full of the usual pro-SSM condescension, Washington state Sen. Sharon Brown’s Senate Bill 5927 looks like EXACTLY the legislative response to the march of SSM through the institutions that I have been hoping for–and right in your home state! Worth rallying the troops for, [Read More...]

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

A reader writes: My father has been diagnosed with “spindle cell sarcoma” in a small patch on the side of his face. He will have surgery to have it removed soon. If it’s Stage 1 and hasn’t spread, all will be well, but if it’s past that, it means chemotherapy or radiation therapy and no [Read More...]

Praise Report!

Yay! A reader writes: About 8 months ago I asked people to pray for the safe pregnancy of my son’s partner as we awaited the birth of their first child and our first grandchild. Cole joined us last week and he is healthy. Our son and his partner are meeting with a priest to regularize [Read More...]

Prayers and Praise Reports

A reader writes:  I wanted to give you an update on the little girl who is so sick: She’s improved a little, but is still in PICU. Still has a fever, but not as much of one. Still throwing up, but not every 2 hours like on Friday. Because of everything that was going on [Read More...]

Praise Report!

A reader writes: I am a middle aged man with a disability who became the victim of a home invasion back in January. After that, my family and I were gravely concerned about my physical safety. My brother, in an incredible act of generosity, stepped up and took out a loan to buy a condo [Read More...]