Praise Report and Prayer Request

A reader writes: You and your readers were kind enough to pray for my daughter, Jacqueline, who was diagnosed earlier this year with Stage 4 breast cancer.  She has undergone three orthopedic surgeries, two rounds of chemotherapy, and hormone therapy. She still has two more rounds of chemotherapy plus radiation therapy.  After each of the [Read More…]

A reader has some glorious good news!

He writes: We reported this via letter to our parish (Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Everett), but thought it might be uplifting for some readers out there as well. My wife and I had trouble having our first child. After 2 miscarriages we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl in January of 2013. [Read More…]

Thanks be to God!

Sudanese Christian woman on death row to be released! Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ! [Read more…]

Joyous News!

Our prayers were heard, thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus. The reader who wrote asking for prayer for the daughter she feared had a devastating genetic illness writes: Update on the prayer request about my baby daughter, who was suspected of having a rare genetic illness — she is okay. Apparently, she just [Read More…]

Praise Report

A reader writes: Last spring you published a prayer request for me. I was the gal who was pregnant with breast cancer. I can’t express how it felt to see total strangers commenting, and sending that post out on Twitter for others to pray over, too. Some good news! After surgery, the tumour was fount [Read More…]

Praise Report

Hopeful news from my friend Kim. She talked to her radiologist and he is very upbeat. The brain tumor is young and small and he has a high degree of confidence he will be able to zap it. Nothing is set in stone, of course. But she is young and healthy and he thinks he [Read More…]

Good news on one of the prayer requests

re: my friend with the heart attacks (his name is James). A mutual friend writes: I dropped in on James this morning. Short Story: All is well. Long Story: James is in the ICU wing, but all of his lines are discontinued and he will be moving to another room. He looks as robust as [Read More…]

Prayer Request and Praise Report

A reader writes: This Saturday my wife, my mother and myself were involved in a pretty bad rollover accident.  Car was wrecked, but thankfully (and remarkably) we all got out okay, myself without a scratch.  Only thing I’m worried about is with Amy some 38 weeks pregnant, here’s praying for a healthy baby which could [Read More…]

Praise Report

A reader writes: Mark, remember the guy I wrote to you about this summer who got into a biking accident and ended up with serious head trauma? Below is the result of our prayers and not to mention the hard work David has been putting in during his recovery with the support of his family [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

First off, thanks to the many people who wrote to say they are praying for my Mom.  God bless you and thank you!  I’m pretty overwhelmed by all the love from you guys!  It means a lot! Praise God for you and thank you. Second, thanks for your prayers for Ainsley, the little girl you’ve [Read More…]