Praise Report!

A reader writes: I am a middle aged man with a disability who became the victim of a home invasion back in January. After that, my family and I were gravely concerned about my physical safety. My brother, in an incredible act of generosity, stepped up and took out a loan to buy a condo [Read More…]

Praise report and prayer request

A reader writes: I wrote a bit ago about our pastor, Father Patrick, who had left the parish for cancer treatments. I asked for prayers on his behalf and on behalf of our parish. I am writing now with an update, which you may post as long as you anonymize it — Father Patrick is [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and Praise Report

A reader writes: Can you post a prayer request for this man? The earth opened and swallowed his house. Sinkholes. One more reason, along with hurricanes, alligators, hordes of thirsty mosquitos, even in January, and the sheer number of general and flag officers in Tampastan, to flee from this state and not look back. (No [Read More…]

Way to go Troops! And Thanks be to God!

A reader writes: Last summer I wrote you about my grandson, Sam, (now 12), who was diagnosed with leukemia on July 5. You were so kind as to mention him twice and suggest that people contribute to support the family. It was all very appreciated. Treatment for the leukemia that Sam has involves three stages. [Read More…]

Praise Report and Prayer Request

The other day, I posted a prayer request for Alfredo, a friend of mine with a brain tumor.  Yesterday his wife writes: Well it has been an eventful day. Results of Alfredo’s pre-op brain MRI showed that the tumor had SHRUNK by 95% compared to the MRIs taken 15 & 16 days ago!!! Yes, really, [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and Praise Report

For a reader struggling to find work, we pray to the Lord. Also, a reader writes: I know a woman who is in a great struggle since she wants to be baptised but is also in a lesbian relationship. Please include her in your prayers. Father, hear our prayer that she can place her full [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and Praise Report

A reader writes: This past weekend I was the victim of a violent crime—a home invasion to be precise. A young man got into my apartment under false pretenses and because I slipped up. He pulled a gun on me, demanded cash, drugs, and jewelry (none of which I had), tied me up, stole my [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

On the praise report end of the spectrum, Jen Fulwiler has been discharged but still needs our prayers. Well done, thou good and faithful folk out there in Readerland for you interceding on her behalf. May it be remembered in your favor on That Day. Father, bring her to complete healing and a safe delivery [Read More…]

Praise Report!

Way to go, troops! A reader writes: Just writing to thank you for your prayers and help during the last few months while my husband was out of work. We just received our first paycheck (and benefits!) from New York Life today! We also were also blessed to learn that we were eligible for federal [Read More…]

Praise Report

A reader writes: I have wonderful news. My friend whom I wrote to you about just got hired. The pay is good, and she’s even getting a Christmas bonus and a free turkey! Thank you so much to you and all your readers fro the prayers. Thanks, troops! And thanks be to God through our [Read More…]