A Canadian Reader Proposes a Novena…

…for their elections: Dear fellow Canadians, The Federal election is in less than 3 weeks! It is only my opinion, but I think it would be a good idea at this time to pray for our beautiful country. Since voting day this year happens to be exactly one week after our Thanksgiving Holiday, let’s remember [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Please pray for a friend of mine who is going through a tough time. He is feeling suicidal and is talking to someone about it. Pray he get through it and God give him the strength to get through. Thanks, Father, hear our prayer for this man through your Son Jesus Christ. [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Pray for a young man struggling with scrupulosity. Father, hear our prayer for healing and peace for your son through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Mother Mary and St. Dymphna, pray for him and all who love  him.  Amen. [Read more…]

Nick Thomm is seriously ill…

… and needs our prayers.  He works with Al Kresta and is a good man.  Please pray for him. Father, hear our prayer for Nick’s complete healing in body, soul, and spirit.  Give his caregivers grace, compassion, wisdom, counsel, knowledge, understanding, skill, creativity, insight and the proper technology to assist in that healing and give [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Peter (72) our good friend of long standing and a devout Catholic underwent open heart surgery today. His wife has just texted us asking urgently to pray for a miracle – his situation is not good. Father, grant Peter complete healing in body, soul, and spirit or else grant him the grace [Read More…]

A California Reader Asks for Prayer

Prayers requested for three friends who lost their homes, and for all of my friends who are still waiting on information. We had to miss Mass due to the fire and not a lot of daily Masses here, so we’d appreciate those of our Catholic-flavored friends who are out and can make a daily Mass [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and Praise Report

A reader writes: I’ve had a lot going on in my family for the past couple of years and haven’t written to ask for prayer before, but I feel now’s the time to ask you to put this request before the blessed band of intercessors who follow the blog. It appears that my 83-year-old father [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Would you mind posting a prayer request on your blog? My nephew Mason is three-years-old, a kidney transplant recipient and is having a rough go of things right now. He had been sick for a month or so and he had an adenoidectomy last week, but is sickness has only gotten worse. [Read More…]

Prayer request

A reader writes: I realize this is a mass message and once you receive it, you may leave the conversation with my blessing. My oldest daughter, Nancy, in much in need of our prayers. She is 42 years old, has ADHD and psoriatic arthritis ( a debilitating kind of arthritis that she needs steroids and [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: We just learned that a priest in our diocese was arrested for sexual battery against a child. He is a beloved, younger priest with many who love him. We are all heartsick. According to the reported news, he has confessed. Please pray for our small Catholic community in the Bible Belt. Father, [Read More…]