Prayer Request

A reader writes: I don’t know how much media coverage it’s had outside the affected area, but the northeastern United States has had a relatively long period of relatively severe winter weather:  with  several snow storms along with  periods of cold temperatures and strong winds.  Prayers for a return to normal weather, or some better [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Some of you may recall that I asked for prayers for our RCIA team leader. Unfortunately, she has lost her battle with cancer and passed away this Wednesday. Please pray for the repose of her soul. Despite the obvious tragedy, there is a certain Providential fittingness that she passed on the feast [Read More…]

Prayer requests and works of mercy

Please help this family if you can. Their newborn has a hole in his heart and they need money to cover airfare for commutes between El Paso and Houston. Please pray for them too. Also, a reader writes: My friend/co-worker and his wife are in their early 30s; she (Emma) has not been feeling well [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: I’m going to be laid off on Friday, and have been working for four months to find another job. While I’ve had a number of promising leads, but nothing has come through yet. I am under consideration for a few jobs, but have already lost out on two positions. I am so [Read More…]

Urgent prayer for a baby’s life

A reader writes: I’m a private tutor at a university;  I also help at the Newman Center and conduct Bible studies with students and so forth.  One of my Catholic students… his girlfriend is pregnant.  She is under tremendous pressure from her family and church to get married immediately…  So she is using the threat [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and Works of Mercy

A reader writes: OUR MOMS NEED PRE-NATAL VITAMINS IN THE MISSION DO A PRENATAL VITAMIN DRIVE AT YOUR CHURCH. ONLY ONE WEEKEND ONE CHURCH NEEDED. There are serious nutritional issues in the mission for nursing moms and the St. Francis Emmaus Pregnancy Hostel is a good distribution point for vitamins. I am seeing to many [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: May I ask you to share a prayer request? I have been unemployed for 6 months and have almost run out of unemployment funds and savings. I am a single mom (not by choice) and do not receive the support I need from my ex-husband. We need financial provision and spiritual encouragement. [Read More…]

A Catholic family could really use our help–and a prayer request

Mom writes: We have until Wednesday to pay the enormous water bill left over from our old crazy apartment, where the landlord used our water for the whole building’s laundry room, or the city will shut us off here at the new address, and we can barely afford to eat the last week of the [Read More…]

Chance to do a work of mercy

A reader writes: Issac is a friend of mine, a great young man, an active Catholic, and a friend to many in the southern Maine Catholic community.  He works as a self-employed carpenter and fell head-first from a roof he was working on two days ago, and broke 3 vertebrae and suffered a fractured skull. [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and a Work of Mercy

Please pray for a co-worker of a family member, who committed suicide. In addition, a reader writes: Last week I sent a prayer request for my classmate, Paul Coakley.  Here is an update from today from his Facebook support page: Team Paul and Ann Coakley.  Please keep up the prayers for a miracle and that [Read More…]