Prayer Update and Request

A reader writes: I am so grateful for all the prayer for Micheal, my 14 year old nephew who shot himself in the head after a bad day at school on the Wed before Easter. One inexplicable detail: the CAT scan showed that the bullet missed his cerebral cortex by going around it and then [Read More...]

A reader suggests a novena…

for the bombers: I’m writing to propose we hold a Divine Mercy novena starting tomorrow for the Boston Marathon bombers, and to ask if you could promote this on your blog. It would run Saturday 4/20 – Sunday 4/28. Don’t see why not. If anybody is at risk for the everlasting fires of hell, it’s [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: this is about a man my husband was in professional contact with: His wife experienced some problems during birth, so she had to undergo a risky surgical procedure afterwards. She died during the operation on March 2, 2013, leaving behind her husband of 1.5 years and her baby boy of then 3 [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Here is an urgent prayer request for a friend’s 8 year old grandson. He’s suffered all his life from intestinal problems: Friends, Sam is in dire need of your prayers again. He was readmitted to the hospital with another bowel obstruction, of what sort the doctors are not sure. In the meantime [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: I am a Catholic school teacher / catechist and I am currently battling depression. With so much of my energy going to that, family, and professional responsibilities I have just not had it in me to enter the fray on either the abortion or “gay marriage” fronts. I’m surrounded by friends, family, [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: I found out tonight that I’m going to need to accelerate my timeline for moving to a new place so would appreciate some specific prayers around this. I need something I can afford that is quiet and safe. Quiet is probably the most important criteria, I cannot cope with noisy neighbors and [Read More...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Pamela is a 37 year old wife and stay at home mom to 3 boys ( Elliot 6, Finn 4, Ethan 19 months) She is currently pregnant (25 weeks) with her 4th baby. She and her husband Erik live in NYC. About 2 months ago, Pamela began experiencing migraines which were first [Read More...]

Prayers for all involved in the Boston bombing

May God have mercy on the dead, heal the wounded and bring to swift justice the murderers through Christ our Lord. [Read more...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Please pray for my friend, who is falling further and further away from the Church in which she was baptized and confirmed, and is to be re-baptized today in some Protestant parish. Please pray for her. And if you deem it wise, might you ask your minions to pray for her? Father, [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Our son, a practicing Catholic, has been fighting heroin addiction (Yes, it can happen to anyone.).  With three clean months behind him, he is feeling the oppression of the Evil One.  He very much wants to be prayed over by a priest and as I write, we await hearing back from a [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: My cousin, Kristen, was told yesterday that she is developing cervical cancer and is most likely going to need a full hysterectomy. She is 26. She has been talking a lot lately about having children within the next few years. Obviously, this news came as a huge shock and is devastating. Please [Read More...]

Prayers for Pope Emeritus Benedict

He is not well.  God bless this great and good man. [Read more...]