Prayer Request

A reader asks prayer for my stepmother. She is having serious chronic medical issue, even her doctor is stumped. It appears to be one of those things that is not life threatening, but very painful and chronic. Father, grant her complete healing in body, soul, and spirit. Give her caregivers grace, wisdom, knowledge, counsel, skill [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Hi, I have a major prayer request I hope you can share with readers. My friend’s roommate’s son Kreed is a beautiful teenage boy with autism who’s got a host of horrible physical disorders as well, including epilepsy, a severe metabolic disorder and an immune deficiency.He’s been suffering from bad pain in [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: My Grandma’s friend for years – her husband and son are suffering. She’s in her mid to late 70’s taking care of her husband who has a systemic infection. And her son is suffering hiv, which I think is turning to aids. She is in real need of God’s assistance, and is [Read More…]

Calah Alexander writes with a Prayer Request and a Work of Mercy

One of my favorite professors from UD, the one who taught the Ogre and I that love mattered more than laws (the Thomistic idea of love, just so we’re clear, not the fuzzy Care-bear crap kind), has started a GiveForward fund for a Ukrainian poet who, along with her young son, survived Chernobyl. This poet, [Read More…]

Prayer for Easter Monday

Father, grant that my Mom and Dad, having undergone the baptism of death with your Son will be welcomed into the Wedding Feast of the Lamb through the same Christ our Lord. Amen. Mother Mary, pray for my Mom and Dad. [Read more…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: My husband was let go from his job today. We were expecting this. But it’s till tough now that it finally happened. He’s still in a bit of shock, as he is very bright and skilled, and has always done well. No reason was given – none usually is at his level. [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Tuesday morning 15th April at 9:30AM (New Zealand Standard Time – would be, I think, 2:30PM Monday afternoon California time, if you are in the US) I will have an interview with our HR people and my boss. All non-academic staff at the University are going through this process. They are doing [Read More…]

Sitting with Mom

Please continue to pray for my Mom. Yesterday, we moved her things out of her room where she has lived the last few years because, well, she not coming home. Then the nursing home called and said she had taken a turn for the worse, so we all went to see her and, it was [Read More…]

Prayers for my Mom

Saw her on Monday and she was clearly in the final stages of wrestling through whatever final things she needed to do. It was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. Usually, my prayers feel like they are in a queue and somebody in the heavenly office is saying, “Take a number. We’ll get to [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: My friend who is 18 weeks pregnant just went to the hospital because they cannot find a heartbeat for the baby. Please storm Heaven for her and her baby. Father, grant complete health and life to this child and her mother. Give their caregivers grace, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, skill and the proper [Read More…]