Progress Report…

…on Baby Albert, for whom we have been praying. [Read more…]

Thanks for your prayers for Jan

The docs say she is okay but want to keep an eye on her, so to speak.  Your prayers that this issue would resolve itself would be appeciated, and our deepest thanks for your prayers and the happy news today.  Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. [Read more…]

Prayers Please

My dear sweet Janet has something wrong with her eye and is off to the eye doctor.  They wanted her early since she might need to be referred immediately to a retina specialist.  I am very worried and trying to trust God.  Please pray for her. Looks like today is the day we sign up [Read More…]

Prayer request

A reader writes: Please pray!  My son-in-law’s family lives  in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Father, hear our prayer for protection for this man and his family, for all tyrannically threatened by the state in Venezuela and for the triumph of your justice and peace and the end of this tyranny through your Son Jesus Christ.  Mother Mary, pray [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Please pray for a friend of mine who has gone into the porn industry. Father, deliver this person from evil and bring them through repentance into the kingdom of your Son Jesus Christ, where they can know your love that treats them like person and not commodities.  Mother Mary, pray for them.  [Read More…]

Prayer Request

My friend Peter Holmes passes along this prayer request for their new baby: Father, grant complete healing to Albert in body, soul, and spirit and help him thrive.  Give grace, knowledge, wisdom, compassion, skill, understanding, and the proper technology to his caregivers so that they can assist in the healing process.  Give him and all [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Down here in Alabama, we have four pro-life bills that will be brought before the state government soon. The first would create a 48 hour waiting period before a woman can have an abortion. The second would create stricter rules for minors seeking an abortion. The third wold require that the mother [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader asks prayer for a special intention. Father, hear our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ.  Mother Mary, pray for him.  Amen. [Read more…]

Prayer Request and Praise Report

A reader writes: This Saturday my wife, my mother and myself were involved in a pretty bad rollover accident.  Car was wrecked, but thankfully (and remarkably) we all got out okay, myself without a scratch.  Only thing I’m worried about is with Amy some 38 weeks pregnant, here’s praying for a healthy baby which could [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: May I ask for prayers for a friend (and her husband and young daughter) who had a neurologic accident this weekend and is in critical condition. Father, hear our prayer for her complete healing in body, soul, and spirit.  Grant her caregivers grace, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, skill, compassion, and the proper technology [Read More…]