Prayer Request

A reader writes: A friend of my Grandma, and our family, has a son who is dying of HIV. He has been taking medicine, though inconsistently as his mother told us, and is now falling asleep so much that he cannot hold his job. The poor man is need of God’s merciful grace, love, mercy, [Read More...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Prayer request: I have been Catholic for 6 years, I came from a non-religious background filled with drug addicts and occultists. I don’t have strong Catholic friendships and the parish is pushing me aside despite my attempts to get involved. I am married to a former Catholic and have 5 children, one [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Could you ask prayers for a fairly recently arrived family in our parish who lost a 2 year old daughter who drowned in their own swimming pool a couple of days ago. Father, hear our prayer that this little one be in your arms for all eternity.  Grant grace, peace, strength and [Read More...]

There But for the Grace of God…

…go I and a huge number of the people I love.  We were going to be crossing this bridge on the way to our Hidden Island Redoubt later today  It collapsed just a few hours ago: No fatalities, thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus.  But lots of hypothermia.  Please pray that all affected [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: A local family’s little girl (2yr. old) has ingested lamp oil and aspirated it into her lungs. She is being flown to Johns Hopkins as soon as they can. Please pray for little Marianna and her family! Father, hear our prayer for her complete recovery and healing.  Give her caregivers wisdom, compassion, grace, [Read More...]

Prayer Request from a native of Moore, OK

Please keep the prayers coming for our home town of Moore, OK.  This is the 2nd time our immediate family has dodged a bullet of an F5/EF5 tornado.  Our community is shaken, but strong!  People do not understand how resilient our community is in the face of tragic events.  We need prayers of hope at [Read More...]

Talked to Fr. Shane Tharp out in Oklahoma

He’s fine.  So that’s the good news. Sadly, at least 51 people are dead and most of them are children killed when the tornado (according to Fr. Shane, perhaps the largest one ever recorded) struck the elementary school they were in.  The tornado was two and a half miles wide (!!!) and remained on the [Read More...]

Prayers for Moore, OK (and everybody in tornado country)

A mile wide twister hits Moore.  I’ve been through there.  They were devastated a few years back too. Father, hear our prayer that lives be spared and property damage be minimized.  Grant swift recovery from this disaster.  Mother Mary, pray for all affected by this. We ask all this through Christ our Lord [Read more...]

Prayer Request and Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: My best friend is in dire straits. He’s a college student studying meteorology in Dekalb, IL, and is less than a month away from losing his apartment. He lost his job a couple months back, he needs to come up with $3,000 by June 16th. He’s a;ready applied for loans, and has [Read More...]

The boy we have been praying for, who attempted suicide, has died

Of your charity, pray for Michael and his family. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Grant all who love him grace, peace, strength, consolation and hope.  Mother Mary, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  We ask [Read More...]