Prayer Requests

First off, thanks to the many people who wrote to say they are praying for my Mom.  God bless you and thank you!  I’m pretty overwhelmed by all the love from you guys!  It means a lot! Praise God for you and thank you. Second, thanks for your prayers for Ainsley, the little girl you’ve [Read More…]

Prayers for my Mom

The diagnosis is official.  It’s Stage 3 lung cancer.  Basic options are painful radiation treatment for six weeks, buying her a few months, or no treatment, leaving her with six month, more or less. If the latter, then breathing will get harder, strength weaker, and pain will begin and increase till she passes.  The good [Read More…]

Prayer Request Update

…on the little girl we’ve been praying for.  Her mom writes: Thursday morning update from the ICU for my medical nerd friends and family… Ainsley has had a rough night. She is febrile, with widespread systemic infection. (Fever over 100 even w heavy meds). Her BP won’t stabilize, her pulse is high, and she has [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Would you post a prayer request for my friend? Her young daughter has been very sick and went to the doctor today for the second time in four days. He sent her to the hospital and they discovered cervical abscesses that are compromising her airway. The hospital is sending her via airlift [Read More…]

Prayers for the Victim of a Horrific Murder

Some of my readers were FB friends with Tom O’Gorman, a vocal member of the prolife Catholic community in Dublin, Ireland. He was murdered on Saturday in a particularly horrible way by a man who appears to be insane. Those who knew him are reeling from shock at this absolutely senseless crime. Pray, please for [Read More…]

Prayer Request and Work of Mercy Opportunity

Reader Timothy Trosclair writes: You have helped me before in the past, both financially and in matters of doctrine. Would you please consider helping again? Our family is in desperate need of financial help in order to care for my sister, Tracie. Tracie’s suicidal desires, manic episodes, extreme depression, and personality disorder have caused her [Read More…]

Urgent Prayer Request and Work of Mercy

I just got the following from Gary Hoge (who some of you may remember as active in Catholic apologetics circles some years ago): I don’t know if you remember me from several years back. You stayed at our house in Reston, Virginia, once. We live in Fredericksburg now. Anyway, on Monday, Jan. 6, our house [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Would you mind asking your readers to pray for my 9 year-old son, Ian. We took him to the emergency room tonight with severe abdominal pains. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong yet and plan a CAT scan soon. In Jesus’ name, we are praying. Father, hear our prayer for Ian’s complete [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Can you pray for a friends daughter who is having…er…a rough time with life these days.  Her name is Diana, and her mother is a terrific lady. Father, hear our prayer for this woman.  Grant her the grace and provision she needs and console her with your strength and peace, that she [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: I apologize in advance for imposing on you.  I know you are busy and must receive so many prayer requests daily.  I implore on you behalf of this family to please spread the word about baby Cecilia, we at this point hoping for a miracle.  I know your blog gets so much [Read More…]