Prayers for Jimmy Akin

He’s developed cataracts and his vision is becoming seriously impaired. Father, heal him completely through your Son Jesus Christ. Grant skill and wisdom to his caregivers. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for him! [Read more...]

More Prayers

The folks we are staying with here in Wenatchee just had to take their frail mother (she’s in her 80s) to the hospital for breathing difficulties. This is the third time in two weeks and they are not made of money. Please pray for her and for them. In addition, a reader writes: I would [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: I once asked to pray for work, which I found but is not paying me enough to keep my head above water. I was recently in a bad car accident and the financial burden is pushing me over the edge. As I’ve said before, I struggle with a particularly bad form of [Read More...]

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

A reader writes: My faith seems to be dwindeling for the last two years. I keep trying to believe, but I find myself struggling on my own faith. Prayer seems to work for other people and doesn’t seem to work for me. I feel completely lost at times. Temptations are harder and I want to completely [Read More...]

Praise Reports and Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Johnny, the boy in the induced coma for three weeks because of a meningitis-like illness, is now sitting up AND  eating pizza AND talking (responding to knock-knock jokes).  Thank you, Mark and all other pray-ers! Thanks you, Father, through your Son Jesus Christ!  Way to go, troops! Another reader writes: Our son Cory has [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader asks for prayers for a rocky marriage and for wisdom and guidance on how to keep the children safe and heal the relationship. Father, hear our prayer that your perfect will be done here.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for this family that they would grow in love, healing, and friendship.  We [Read More...]

Urgent Prayer Request

Our son just called to say that a woman he works with called him on her cell to say she was in the process of being abducted. She was in hysterics. He’s on the phone with the cops. No details beyond that, except her name is Ashley, she works with him and this is apparently [Read More...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Please pray for baby Eliana, born Saturday, August 4th. Eliana’s first open-heart surgery is being scheduled for Wednesday. We ask you to pray for her, for her surgeon, her family, and all engaged in her care. Father, hear our prayer for Eliana’s complete healing, for skill, wisdom and compassion for her caregivers [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Dearie, I need prayers for my internet priest Fr B. He is a young holy priest, just made pastor two weeks ago, who’s heart is severely damaged by disease,they discovered his heart valve has turned to calcified rock. He is a quiet powerful warrior for God. Please pass this on to your [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: I would like to ask for prayers for my younger siblings, who are having unexpected trouble securing their student loans for the upcoming school year. My brother would be going into his junior year and my sister is just starting, so she’s naturally devastated – after all her hard work and admittance [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: My wife and I just had a beautiful little girl on Saturday. My wonderful wife labored for 43 hours with no pain meds, needless to say she could use some prayers as she is resting and healing up. My wife and my daughter are having a hard time with breast feeding, We [Read More...]

Prayer Requests

I’d like to pray for Adam Smith, the rich executive who promptly lost his job after his bullying Youtube performance inflicted on a helpless minimum wage worker (I wonder how many OWS sympathizers will see this as his atrocious treatment of this poor woman as the 1% smashing the 99% and how many will resolutely [Read More...]