Prayer request

A reader writes: I am fairly new into the Catholic faith. I am not Confirmed yet. I wanted to say that I really like your blog and ask for your prayers. I am 10 weeks pregnant with a complication called subchorionic hematoma. There is blood in between the sac and wall of my uterus. The [Read More…]

Urgent Prayer Request…

…for a profoundly depressed wife and mother who is contemplating suicide, that she would find healing and deliverance. [Read more…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: I have an update, wanted to share it with you. Although it is not all great news, we are still hopeful that the doctor will monitor her. Here is the update: The high-risk doctor told her that baby’s heartbeat sounded very good, thanks be to God! Also, Krystle does NOT have a [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: My cousin and the Godmother to my second child, an early ed. teacher in her early twenties, collapsed yesterday at school. Scans revealed a tumor in her brain. The doctors believe they can operate as early as Monday. Please pray for her, her parents and siblings, and our whole family. Pray for [Read More…]

Your Prayers for the Romeike Family Would be Appreciated

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends, On November 26 the Supreme Court will decide whether or not to hear our German homeschool asylum appeal, Romeike v. Holder. I am asking you to join me and thousands of others in a special day of prayer and fasting on November 17 to ask God for favor on behalf [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: My oldest sister has fallen and is unresponsive. From what my sister said, it sounds like a stroke. If you can, please ask for prayers. Thank you. Father, hear our prayer for her complete healing.  Give her caregivers grace, wisdom, knowledge, skill, acompassion, and the proper technology to help heal her.    Give [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: My mother had a stroke Sunday night, discovered the following morning when my brother had the folk where she lives check up on her when she didn’t answer the phone. All brain activity has ceased & she is expected to die at any moment. Nonetheless she lives as I write, & thus [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: My husband may want to separate in the future. We’re both at fault. I’m well aware of what I did wrong, but I don’t want to separate. I believe marriage is for life. I feel pretty hopeless right now. Please pray for us. Father, hear our prayer for this couple that they [Read More…]

Prayers and Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy for the Philippines

Father, help them through your Son Jesus Christ.  Mother Mary, pray for them! We can go here to donate to Mercy Corps, one of the most efficient disaster relief charities I know.  Those guys know how to squeeze a dollar for all it’s worth. [Read more…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: 1) My friend Ian just can’t seem to hold down a job this year. After a few firings, he was recently laid off from a job he was doing very well at due to a drop-off in business. His boss said she was very happy with his performance (he was tending bar [Read More…]