Praise Report and Prayer Request

A reader writes: I’d like to update your readers who may have prayed for Tim, who was in a snowmobiling accident about 6 weeks ago.  At certain points, he was not expected to survive, but he did, and now is at home on the mend!  It will be a long road, but he should eventually [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: A priest who was a previous pastor of my parish has just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  At this point I don’t know how severe the disease is, but prayers would be much appreciated.  Knowing Father, I’m sure he very much wants to continue in his vocation if possible.  Thanks! Father, hear [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Sam, the child recovering from abdominal surgery, is slowly improving. His grandmother thanks everyone for their prayers: “We visited Sammy today, and he was brave enough to give me a smile for this photo.  But he was singing a different tune when they got him up to walk.   He is still in a [Read More...]

News for Washingtonians (and a Prayer Request and Praise Report)

A reader writes: Although the report to which I link is full of the usual pro-SSM condescension, Washington state Sen. Sharon Brown’s Senate Bill 5927 looks like EXACTLY the legislative response to the march of SSM through the institutions that I have been hoping for–and right in your home state! Worth rallying the troops for, [Read More...]

Fr Niall Sheehan writes…

…from the Emerald Isle: It has been awhile since I last wrote to you. The neurosurgeons successfully removed the cyst from my brainstem and so far so good. I had the operation – which lasted nine hours – and has left me with a Blofeld scar running the length of the back of my head. [Read More...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Monica died on Sunday 14th. She is the fourth daughter that died to her mother. Her mother has no comfort. She cries almost every day. Monica was her special daughter. Formerly one of her sons was killed, another one died of a heart attack, and another one committed suicide. Then Monica was [Read More...]

Prayer Update and Request

A reader writes: I am so grateful for all the prayer for Micheal, my 14 year old nephew who shot himself in the head after a bad day at school on the Wed before Easter. One inexplicable detail: the CAT scan showed that the bullet missed his cerebral cortex by going around it and then [Read More...]

A reader suggests a novena…

for the bombers: I’m writing to propose we hold a Divine Mercy novena starting tomorrow for the Boston Marathon bombers, and to ask if you could promote this on your blog. It would run Saturday 4/20 – Sunday 4/28. Don’t see why not. If anybody is at risk for the everlasting fires of hell, it’s [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: this is about a man my husband was in professional contact with: His wife experienced some problems during birth, so she had to undergo a risky surgical procedure afterwards. She died during the operation on March 2, 2013, leaving behind her husband of 1.5 years and her baby boy of then 3 [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Here is an urgent prayer request for a friend’s 8 year old grandson. He’s suffered all his life from intestinal problems: Friends, Sam is in dire need of your prayers again. He was readmitted to the hospital with another bowel obstruction, of what sort the doctors are not sure. In the meantime [Read More...]