Prayer Request

A reader writes: A friend of mine writes…..My father has double pneumonia and cdif. That’s infection of the bowel. He is very sick. He is an a medically induced coma on life support. He is having a procedure to put a feeding tube in today. He needs your prayers. His name is John. Father, hear [Read More…]

Prayer Request and Praise Report

A reader writes: Folks, I have a student who needs prayers. She is fragile & in a crisis. She needs a community of people to intercede for her. Thank you! Father, hear our prayer for her that she finds the support, grace, guidance and strength she needs to do you will and connect with your [Read More…]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: This lad, Nolan Scully, is in great need of immediate prayer. He is undergoing intensive cancer surgery today that he may very well not survive. Our parish held a prayer service for him Sunday, pleading with the Lord for His Divine Mercy. Any assistance you can provide via your blog would be [Read More…]

Prayers for Mary Pezzulo

A rape survivor reached out to Fr. Pavone, got slapped down. What happens when a wounded soul gets mistaken for an ideological threat in a hyper-politicized environment. Say a prayer for her, will you?  This really hurt her. [Read more…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: I’m getting a couple suspicious moles checked out today. I have a family history of melanoma (my father died of it) so I’m really worried. Prayers definitely appreciated. Father, hear our prayer for a good diagnosis and swift and complete treatment and long life and good health for my reader, through your [Read More…]

Prayer and work of Mercy request

A reader sends this along: As you may have heard Patrick Werick is in the hospital and is very ill. The doctors are diagnosing it as granulomatosis with polyangiitis or Wegener’s. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the lungs and kidneys. Many of you are already praying for his recovery, and at the moment [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: If you would, please offer up some prayers for me and my wife. I am applying for jobs all over the country again (since nowhere in Texas seems to want me). I’m applying for a job in Vancouver, WA, as the Executive Director of IPJC, which would be amazing for my budding [Read More…]

Please pray for Haiti and everybody else in the path of Hurricane Matthew

A reader writes: Please remember Haiti in your prayers tonight as they continue with Hurricane Matthew. They have been pounded all day and it continues. Father, hear our  prayer for all those in the path of Matthew through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Deliver them from harm and help aid get to them swiftly.  Mother Mary, [Read More…]

US cuts diplomatic ties with Russia over Syria

This is bad.  Pray. [Read more…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Good night. I hope you’re doing well. If you have a spare moment, could you please say a prayer for the Eastern Caribbean, the place i will always call home. They’re getting hammered by tropical storm Matthew. There’s already been flooding, landslides and at least one confirmed death. Father, hear our prayer [Read More…]