Tom McDonald and I Chew the Fat on the Miraculous Apparition of Donald Trump in the Margarine Tub

and segue seamlessly into a discussion of claims of private revelation: For some reason, this one got a huge number of hits. No idea why. You can find out more about how the Church looks at Private Revelation by reading Mary, Mother of the Son. Or, if you prefer to get it on Kindle, you [Read More…]

The Shroud of Turin…

…not a painting, not a scorch, not a photograph. That’s cuz it’s the real thing. Challenge to Skeptics: If it’s medieval forgery made by and for primitive suckers then get with the program. We live in the 21st century. There’s nothing technological a medieval could do that we can’t do ten times better and faster. [Read More…]

If we don’t accept the Gospel of Thomas, why accept the Shroud of Turin

A reader writes: I enjoyed your talk today about what was in the bible and why i.e. Churches were using some documents like Luke but not Thomas etc. Those “new” documents found in the second century that were “secretly” taught were rejected. I was wondering your thought on the shroud of Turin since it is [Read More…]

A reader has a Question about Private Revelation

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Over at the Register…

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I had something weird happen to me once…

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Private Revelation: The Department of the Treasury vs. Hell

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Private Revelation and Christian Liberty…

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Criteria the Church Uses…

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Private Revelation: Walking the Tightrope

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