Private Revelation:

Two Stories and Two Basic Types are under discussion over at the Register. [Read more…]

Shroud of Turin Dated…

…to the time of Christ.  That’s because  it is the face of Christ, imprinted on the shroud in which he was buried.  The atheism of the gaps loves to come up with ways to try to avoid this, but in fact, there is a) a reasonable account for how it could have been formed (though I [Read More…]

A reader asks if I have heard of “Miryam van Nazareth”

…says, “She claims to be channeling the Blessed Virgin” and passes along a few quotes from her that sound like a bunch of gnostic quackery. She concludes: “If you have thoughts, I’d welcome them. I know you don’t chase after visions, but you also wrote a really good book about Mary (which I recommend to [Read More…]

A question about Fatima and Hell

…over at the Register. Most people seem to get my point, but there are always a few people who show up and insist that Fatima has to added to the deposit of faith as though it were a fifth gospel. These are the people who don’t see Mary as another God, but as another Pope. [Read more…]

I’ll wait till the Church Investigates for a Final Verdict

…but this looks pretty cool: This sort of thing happens all the time. And, by the way, is there any catchphrase of skepticism more meaningless than, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence?”  Dudes: Extraordinary claims require *evidence*.  That’s it.  That’s all.  Demands for “extraordinary evidence” are just delaying action so that skeptics can persist in ignoring, [Read More…]

A very quiet Marian apparition

I have only two comments about this story: 1.  I totally believe it, in no small part because it totally fits the divine pattern of little acts of hidden grace rather than big splashy sky-writing type miracles. 2. It’s beautiful and sweet and just what that girl needed.  What a lovely gesture!  Thanks be to [Read More…]

Some sensible advice for people who are inclined to read too much into Benedict’s departure

…from a blog entry regarding the silliness surrounding St. Malachy Prophecy superstitions: So let’s do ourselves an enormous spiritual favor this  Lenten season: let’s throw the prophesy books into the fireplace (if they help to warm the house, then they are  at least good for something!) and take the time that we would otherwise be [Read More…]

Regular Reasoning and “Signs and Wonders” Reasoning

In which we look at ways to situate within the Tradition the human habit of trying to second-guess God on the basis of thunderbolts, dodgy prophecies, and coincidences. [Read more…]

A reader has a question about terrifying fears from private revelations

I suspect there are a lot more in her boat, so with her permission I posted my reply to her. If you find yourself grappling with paralyzing fears about various private revelations, give it a look see. [Read more…]

Don’t Get Snookered by Phony Apparitions

Whether in Ohio, or in Medjugorje. The report from the Vatican’s Commission is, according to some, due to be handed to the Pope at the end of the month, but (according to others) not. No word when we will hear what’s in it. However, I am morally certain it’s simply going to ratify the warnings [Read More…]