Pope recommends “Lord of the World”…

…as he warns of “adolescent progressivism” and says that secular laws protect people who make “human sacrifices“. This from the pope whom the Reactionaries were telling us would be a liberal “horror”. Moral: Discernment-free Adolescent Reactionaries are not good judges of such matters.  What is striking about Reactionaries is that they are the only [Read More…]

John Herreid Sends Some Followup Info on Fr. Ford

He adds to yesterday’s information: You can read Fr. Ford’s article from 1944 on obliteration bombing online: If anyone were to declare that modern war is necessarily total, and necessarily involves direct attack on the life of innocent civilians, and, therefore, that obliteration bombing is justified, my reply would be: So much the worse for [Read More…]

Believe it or Not, Tom Fox has risen to the position of editor of the Reporter

Here is Ed Peters, gleefully taking apart a deeply ignorant and silly rant by Fox. Doesn’t NCR have an editor? The thing is full of howlers and Peter finds every one. An embarrassment indeed. [Read more…]

Oh. My. Word.

Some really nasty Traditionalists must have gotten together to try to really humiliate the Women’s Ordination crowd. Because, surely, nobody serious about women’s ordination could have thought that a badly lip-synched, Rebecca Black in clerics… thing like this would appeal to any normal person: “Don’t listen to St. Paul, cuz I can lead the way”. [Read More…]

This tells you how seldom I read the Reporter

When I read “National Catholic Reporter endorses women priests” my first thought was, “Didn’t they do that years ago?” Apparently not.  So now they’ve come out and said what it was obvious they’ve been telegraphing for 30 years.  It’s good to have clarity on their doomed dedication to something that Ain’t  Gonna Happen and their [Read More…]

The Insufferable Smugness of the NCR Progressive

Reader Michelle Arnold notes: Vatican: “Stop messing around with the Lamb of God by adding unauthorized changes.” NCR: “Vatican and U.S. bishops mandate changes to Lamb of God.” What we got here is failure to communicate. For the NCR Progressive, wherever he is, is the exact center of all that is normal, good, and right–always. [Read More…]

When the Apologetics Subculture Goes Bad

Time was when lay apologists understood that there is no office of “apologist” in the Church and that our efforts to defend the Faith were supposed to be done with respect to the Magisterium. These days, however, it is just as easy to find anti-Catholics among “apologists” as it is to find them sitting at [Read More…]

The Invaluable Marc Barnes…

applies the tenderizing mallet of his inimitable prose to what remains of the indigestible gristle of credibility that is Catholics for a Free Choice. Verdict: Aging geezers: Zero. Barnes for the win. That kid is all kinds of awesome. [Read more…]

Creative Fidelity Labors to Defend One of the Dirtiest Words in the American Catholic Vocabulary

Docility. The National Catholic Reporter *and* the sort of people who imagine Michael Voris is the Dark Knight of Vigilante Justice Against the Evil Episcopacy both hold docility in complete contempt. How good and pleasant when brothers dwell together in unity. Whether you dissent from the Church on pelvic issues or are laboring to mainstream [Read More…]