“Prolifers” for Eugenics

Meet Arkansas GOP representative Kim Hammer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Counseling from Trinity College of the Bible. He has been a Baptist pastor since 1979 and chaplain of the Saline Memorial Hospice in Benton since 2006. He is a member of the First Baptist Church of Benton, Arkansas. Hammer has [Read More...]

When Lefties Recommend Compelling the Poor to have Abortions

prolife conservatives rightly protest. When anti-abortion-but-not-prolife conservatives compel the poor to have abortions, “prolife” conservatives cheer far too often. Catholics who demand, on pain of mortal sin, that nobody use artificial contraception and who then turn around and tell those who are obedient to this “and we will punish you for listening to us right [Read More...]

Only one demographic rejects the Church’s teaching about the death penalty

…but it’s totally not about race or anything and if you notice that it is you are “playing the race card”. The Death Penalty: Because the Magisterium is incompetent to teach about faith and morals when American white conservative sacred cows are involved. [Read more...]

St. Augustine Once Again Shows He was Not a Real American Catholic

Not only did he reject lying for a good cause, he also was not nearly as eager to kill bad guys as he should have been. A reader writes: I’d like to recommend this short letter by St Augustine. It’s regarding non-Catholics who have been convicted of harming and even murdering Catholics, including priests. St. [Read More...]

The Story of Jesus and the Moneychangers…

…is one of the most beloved texts in the Bible for those seeking to rationalize their love of violence. The trouble is, it is total rationalization. And it leads to blasphemous nonsense like “The crucifixion proves that God loves the death penalty, war, torture and bombing civilian populations for the greater good.” God’s Name is [Read More...]

Death Penalty Red Herring

“The death penalty is not intrinsically immoral like abortion, therefore the state has no business banning it!” Prescinding from the fact that the “prolife” people most ardently in favor of the death penalty have absolutely no problem with grave intrinsic evil when Dick Cheney is defending the cold-blooded murder of innocents for the greater good, [Read More...]

Some Remarks on Pro Death Penalty Arguments

..are the subject of today’s ruminations over at the Register. [Read more...]

Doctor won’t treat child of lesbians

Punishing children for the sins of their parents is very very smart and will both show the parents the love of Christ that leads to their conversion, as well as demonstrate to the world that Christians are attractive human beings who are motivated by love.  It’s so important for Christians to cling to culture war [Read More...]

One of the Real Non-Negotiables for the Anti-Abortion-but-Not-Prolife Sect

For Catholics, commitment to the dignity of human life is a core value. Full stop. The emphasis is always on saving life (even guilty human life) wherever possible. So the question is not “When do we *get* to torture and kill?” but “How can we strive to save even the sinner?”  For the Faith, this [Read More...]

Who Would Jesus Torture?

Guy tries to wrap his mind around this: Sixty-eight percent of white evangelicals believe “torture of suspected terrorists” can be “often” or “somewhat” justified. This is in line with mainline Protestants (63 percent) and white Catholics (68 percent). Together, these are America’s three largest religious groups, comprising 26 percent, 18 percent, and 15 percent of [Read More...]