This is a prolife issue

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Reader John Herried writes …

Welp, we’re likely to be treated to the annual round of defenses of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Interesting factoid I found out last year when reading Russell Shaw’s book American Church was that the leading American theologian condemning the bombings was also influential in defending the Church’s position on artificial birth control. An [Read More...]

Abolish the Damn Death Penalty

Arizona act of human sacrifice to pagan god of vengeance takes two hours to kill victim. Advanced civilizations of Communist China, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Saudi Arabia send telegram to Governor: “Congratulations!  You’re one of us!” This is a pro-life issue. [Read more...]

The children at our border…

…are a prolife issue every bit as much as children in the womb.  The bad news is that some politicized Christians are perversely playing the part of Dives to their Lazarus, and some are absurdly claiming that helping children at the border is somehow supporting abortion. If there was ever a living laboratory demonstration of [Read More...]

Looking Good!

Not the Onion: Ariz. Protestors Mistakenly Blockade YMCA Bus Instead Of Migrants ORACLE, Ariz. (AP) — Protesters waved “Return to Sender” signs, shoved a group of mariachi musicians and waited for a bus of immigrant children that the local sheriff told them would arrive. At one point, they briefly halted a bus before realizing it [Read More...]

When it comes to abortion, prolife people get that “legal” does not equal “moral”

But let terrified children show up at the border and suddenly rules, regulations and paperwork become the most important thing in the world and we discover man was made for the law, not the law for man. Dr. Jeff Mirus debunks this mentality soundly: The Immigration Paradox: Blindness is Forbidden  The Sovereignty Myth: On the [Read More...]

Pick Your Pope

This guy: or this guy. Three points: A) The conspiracy theory is dumb because it assumes that thousands of poor people in Central America are willing to part with their children and send them on a dangerous trek north all in order to help Obama look good and conservatives look heartless. Conservatives who float such [Read More...]

This is a Prolife Issue

Armed militia sets up Texas command center to do battle with terrified nine year olds No word yet on whether these brave patriots will claim the right to use Zyklon B under the second amendment to fend off this terrifying army of invading lebensunwertes leben. God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you. [Read More...]

Spite-Filled, Ungrateful, Massively Displaced Iraqis Dramatically Raise Their Cancer and Birth Defect Rates

just to make America look bad. There are, of course, rebuttals to the facts presented. One popular one is “This comes from a ritually impure site, therefore the facts it presents about the massive uptick in cancer and birth defects can be ignored.” Another one is, “War is a prudential judgment, but abortion is always [Read More...]