Re-purposing Chesterton

This Chestertonish “quote” is really a paraphrase: What he actually said is, ““We do not really want a religion that is right where we are right. What we want is a religion that is right where we are wrong.”  But close enough. The trouble is, this perfectly true statement, in the mouth of countless “faithful [Read More…]

The FCC, net neutrality, prudential judgment, the death penalty, and Luke 16:10-12

Permit me some wide-ranging musings, beginning with the relatively (in the cosmic scheme of salvation) small potatoes question of net neutrality. Let’s be clear. Net neutrality is a good thing: It is, in a word, what we’ve always had. The only people who opposed it were people bent on making your life and mine miserable [Read More…]

On the Amazing Malleability of “Private Judgment”

My reader Zippy Catholic used to note that when Progressives want to blow off Church teaching they appeal to “primacy of conscience” as the All-Excusing Catchphrase. Don’t like the Church’s teaching on the Pelvic Issues? Voila! Primacy of Conscience excuses you from obeying or even listening to what the Church says. Meanwhile, he noted, conservative [Read More…]

Reader John Herreid writes:

I figured out why I’m not getting this idea that Church teaching says families on welfare lack dignity and moral character. I had the wrong edition of the documents! For example, the standard edition of the Charter of the Rights of the Family states: “The family has a right to assistance by society in the [Read More…]