Aquinas and More…

is a good Catholic store that is doing an online giveaway. Go here to check it out: A Rafflecopter giveaway [Read more...]

Free Kindle Book November 23-24 Only

Reader Michael Seagriff writes: Time to be bold again. Would you be comfortable informing your readers of this free Kindle book offer available only on Nov 23 and 24?: One never knows unless one asks. Thanks for considering this request and for so frequently “stirring the pot”. [Read more...]

Hey California!

Youth Go To Bat For Life By David DiCerto Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, California has seen its share of memorable moments over its 51-year history, including 8 World Series, a Beatles concert and a Papal Mass. On November 18th, the ballpark at Chavez Ravine will add to that legacy, when it plays host to [Read More...]

Illinois Company Launches Catholic Alternative to; Supporting Pastors, Parishes and Catholic Vendors

 —An Illinois group announced this week that it has launched Parish WebStore, LLC (PWS), which a number of people are already calling the Catholic alternative to Its creators say that PWS not only features a full range of products—DVDs, CDs and mp3s, jewelry, sacramental gifts, books and e-books by authors such as Dr Scott [Read More...]

Here’s a Catholic Small Business you can Support

Trinitee Apparel makes Catholic-centric clothes.  Check thou it out. Thanks Mark. Be sure to “like” their Facebook page and you’ll see they are running a nice 25% off sale now until Nov. 18th. And keep them in your prayers. [Read more...]

A Tip for CAEI Readers

It gets easier if you click “open in new tab” on the story you want to read. When done, just close the tab. [Read more...]

New Blog!

Dawn’s Faith Connection compares our human experiences with the experiences in Sacred Scripture. It also gives true personal witness from testimonies of hardships that were overcome to bring hope to others, while also magnifying God’s presence in their lives, to bring them closer to him. All testimonies are true and captivating. Check it out! [Read more...]

Hey Seattle!

Catholic Professionals of Seattle invites you to the: All Souls Day Requiem Mass, Breakfast and Talk with Catholic Professionals of Seattle Halloween is upon us; turn your thoughts from commercialism to eternity by drawing closer to the mystery of death and our birth into a life with Christ. Join us to celebrate a Requiem Mass on [Read More...]

On the Road Today

Off to Marytown in Libertyville, IL (near Chicago) to talk about Mary tomorrow at 10:45 AM. Back Monday. You kids don’t put no beans up your noses! [Read more...]

Hey Seattle! Mark your Calendars for Two Important Events

First, Students for Human Life, the pro-life club at the University of Washington will be hosting Rebecca Kiessling, an attorney and international pro-life speaker. She is passionate about addressing the “rape exception” for abortion because she was conceived in rape. Abortion was illegal at the time, but her mother almost aborted her twice. Rebecca’s life [Read More...]