Hey Seattle Chestertonians!

Dear Friends of the Seattle G. K Chesterton Society, In lieu of our own May event this season, the directors of the Chesterton Society have elected to spread the word concerning an event to be held this Thursday, May 3, on the UW campus. Abby Johnson is the former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic [Read More...]

Hey Western Washington!

Catholic Professionals of Seattle Welcomes – Abby Johnson “What I learned about life by working at Planned Parenthood” Learn why and how Abby Johnson’s life was changed on October 6, 2009. That was the day that she resigned from Planned Parenthood after eight years of employment. During the last year of her work, Christ had [Read More...]

Patience with the spam filter

For reasons mysterious to me, combox entries sometimes go to the spam filter.  The spam filter frequently has hundred of combox entries and I have no time to pore over them looking for stray entries.  I just empty the spam file now and then and flush hundreds of entries down the memory hole without reading [Read More...]

Hey Wisconsin!

Milwaukee Auxiliary Bishop Donald Hying will be presenting “What Do I Do With the Rest of My Life? A Vision of Vocation and Work” a talk for Catholic young adults and recent and soon to be college graduates. May 5th at 5:00 pm, at the Sisters of St. Rita 3920 N Green Bay Road, Racine, [Read More...]

Hey Beloit!

UPDATE: Readers have brought to my attention that Pure Fashion is one of the many tentacles of the Legionaries and Regnum Christi, which I would avoid supporting. [Read more...]

Just a reminder…

I am in Miami for a meeting and will be scarce here till at least Thursday. However, foresighted fellow that I am, I have pre-loaded a few blog items to launch over the next few days so that you will not be left orphans. Please continue to conduct yourselves with the intelligence, wit, humor and [Read More...]

Ben Douglass

is back on the air. [Read more...]