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Jack Maguire at Ascension Press writes

Hey, I wanted to show you this special video series we’re doing for the Year of Mercy. I thought you might want to feature it. It’s totally free for folks and Fr. Mike Schmitz’s videos have all been doing very well on Youtube recently. You’re free to share it as you see fit. Check thou [Read More…]

Jefferson, Oregon Library Needs Your Help

The Friends of the Jefferson Public Library write: The sky isn’t falling but the library in rural Jefferson Oregon just might. We need your help! The 150-year old Conser House which serves as our library has recently been determined to be severely structurally deficient and must be replaced. “How can I help?” you ask. “Easy as can [Read More…]

Christian Solar Energy

This came in over the transom.  Seems interesting: Our Faith and the Environment: Let us praise God by protecting the environment. As Christians we have an obligation to help stop global warming. You could help by using solar power for your home. Also why pay more for dirty energy when you can pay less for [Read More…]

Lori Pieper of the Pope John Paul I Association writes…

As the Church gears up for the Jubilee Year of Mercy, I can’t resist asking you to share with your readers an initiative we of the Pope John Paul I Association have started in regard to it, and that is: To promote the teaching of Servant of God John Paul I on Mercy in the [Read More…]

Hey Bay Area Chestertonians! Mark Your Calendars for October 2

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At Convention, Knights of Columbus Call Attention to Suffering Middle Eastern Christians

K of C set to redouble its efforts on behalf of those suffering PHILADELPHIA – The Knights of Columbus will redouble its humanitarian efforts benefitting persecuted Middle Eastern Christians and begin an education campaign to make their plight better known. The effort is part of the Knights’ Christian Refugee Relief Fund, which has delivered more [Read More…]

This seems promising

Ascension Press creates new online video channel to reach Millennials with a Catholic perspective provides free online inspiration and catechesis with high quality video content West Chester, PA, July 16, 2015 – Millennials, America’s largest living generation, spend a staggering 18 hours per day consuming media. To reach this media- soaked, vast population with [Read More…]

The Mad Papist Cracks Me Up

Just some of the designs you can order here:   [Read more…]

Catholic365 is on the Air

They write: is a Catholic-focused article and information portal from Catholic writers and bloggers who write about things Catholics are interested in, with 3 main categories – Faith, Life and What’s Going On, from a perspective consistent with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. We strive to spread the word of God and the [Read More…]