Pope Francis Minutes

Reader Garrett Johnson writes: Today, Catholic-link.com is launching the first episode of the the first digitally animated series on the pontificate of Pope Francis: The Pope Francis Minute. You can find the Press Release at this link: http://bit.ly/1N13LN3 The original publication can be found here: http://bit.ly/1Ht4re4 Check it out! [Read more…]

Do you like explaining religious teachings that are unpopular in SF?

Have we got the job for you! Extra bonus:  If you don’t do it with absolute superhuman perfection, you not only get to be told you hate gays, you get to have the Greatest Catholics of All Time bayonet you in the back as a fifth columnist who is trying to destroy the Church. [Read more…]

The Mackerel Snapper Blog is on the air!

The inimitable Matthew Tyson has a shiny new blog! Check thou it out! [Read more…]

Verbum to give away five million dollars in high school religious education tools.

I love Verbum software.  It’s an amazingly powerful tool.  So I’m tickled to see them do this: March 1, 2015: Bellingham, WA: Verbum, the Catholic study platform, has announced they will be giving away up to five million dollars in scholarships for schools to implement their brand-new high school religion curriculum.  The curriculum, under review [Read More…]

Hey Seattle! Sam Rocha is coming your way!

He will be speaking at the UW Newman Center on February 26 and March 5.  Here’s the Newman website info and here is the Facebook announcement. [Read more…]

Deacon Rex Pilger, Jr. writes

Are you, or is a man you know, called to be a Catholic deacon? I am a deacon, husband, father, grandfather and research geophysicist. I taught thirteen years as a professor of geology and geophysics in a major state university, spent comparable time in the oil industry, and two stints in full-time parish and part-time [Read More…]

Heidi McKenna of the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology writes

Our annual Convocation of the College of Fellows will be held at DSPT on January 31st at 1:30 pm with a reception to follow. Three DSPT Fellows – Dana Gioia (poet), Bob Flint (lawyer) and Mary Hirschfeld (economist-theologian) will present on how they view contemporary culture in their respective fields through the prism of their [Read More…]

Wear Your Prolife Commitment on Your Sleeve

…and help fund the Life Matters Journal at the same time: They are half-way to their goal. Help them make it all the way. [Read more…]

Prayer for Marriage Today

A reader writes: Today, December 9th is the National Day of Prayer for families and against pornography.240+ leaders came together just 5 months later and the movement has been forever changed. Sign the petition to pray for marriages today! Sign up and share!! http://pornharms.com/prayer/ Father, hear our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ. [Read more…]

Archdiocese of San Francisco Needs a Director of Communications

Here’s the scoop: DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS  The Archdiocese of San Francisco seeks a well-qualified Director of Communications.  The Director develops and executes a pro-active media strategy for the Archdiocese.  This strategy is nuanced to embrace three spheres of influence: the Archdiocese, covering the three counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin; a national audience; [Read More…]