A Tip for CAEI Readers

It gets easier if you click “open in new tab” on the story you want to read. When done, just close the tab. [Read more...]

New Blog!

Dawn’s Faith Connection compares our human experiences with the experiences in Sacred Scripture. It also gives true personal witness from testimonies of hardships that were overcome to bring hope to others, while also magnifying God’s presence in their lives, to bring them closer to him. All testimonies are true and captivating. Check it out! [Read more...]

Hey Seattle!

Catholic Professionals of Seattle invites you to the: All Souls Day Requiem Mass, Breakfast and Talk with Catholic Professionals of Seattle Halloween is upon us; turn your thoughts from commercialism to eternity by drawing closer to the mystery of death and our birth into a life with Christ. Join us to celebrate a Requiem Mass on [Read More...]

On the Road Today

Off to Marytown in Libertyville, IL (near Chicago) to talk about Mary tomorrow at 10:45 AM. Back Monday. You kids don’t put no beans up your noses! [Read more...]

Hey Seattle! Mark your Calendars for Two Important Events

First, Students for Human Life, the pro-life club at the University of Washington will be hosting Rebecca Kiessling, an attorney and international pro-life speaker. She is passionate about addressing the “rape exception” for abortion because she was conceived in rape. Abortion was illegal at the time, but her mother almost aborted her twice. Rebecca’s life [Read More...]

Hey NYC! Reader Lori Pieper writes

the Pope John Paul I Conference October 12-13 in Queens NY is going to be held in less than three weeks, and registration closes on October 7, so now is the time to reserve your spot! People can find all the needed info with dandy links to articles and a local TV interview I did, [Read More...]

Hey Professional Seattle Catholic!

How come you aren’t a member of Catholic Professionals of Seattle? And if you are a member, don’t forget to renew your membership! [Read more...]

Hey Davenport IA Youthly People!

Now hear this! Calling all Catholic Young Adults ages 18-39 in and around the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa! Don’t miss out on the upcoming awesome Catholic Young Adults Conference, at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Iowa City on Saturday, October 13th! Come hear dynamic Catholic Speaker Pat Millea, as well as a variety of great [Read More...]

Hey Olympia, Washington!

On September 24 at 6:30 PM, come to St. Michael Parish in Olympia for an evening to discuss FORMING CONSCIENCES FOR FAITHFUL CITIZENSHIP Unsure of how your Catholic faith informs your political conscience? Overwhelmed by the number of issues that seem to be crowding the ballots this November? Struggling with some of the hot topics [Read More...]

Roy Schoeman writes…

I will be speaking at the Christ Our Life Conference in Des Moines, Iowa on the weekend of September 22-23.  I am excited, and a bit nervous about the talk, because it is to a larger audience than I have ever addressed — 8000 are expected.  The potential to reach hearts is huge, but whether [Read More...]

Crunchin’ on a Project

Gone today.  Then  leaving tomorrow for the Hidden Island Redoubt.  So I’ll be scarce.  Also, next week is crazy cuz of the Wedding of the Beloved Cow and his Faire Maid in Chicago on September 8.  So bear with us.  Life is insane at present. [Read more...]

Brett Salkeld writes….

 Dear Mark and readers at Catholic and Enjoying It, Thanks in large part to your support, I have a very legitimate chance at winning the Ph.D. comics 2 Minute Thesis Competition.  My entry, the only theology entry, on transubstantiation was battling it out for first place when something odd happened.  I had been a strong [Read More...]