My Friend Sheila Hughes writes…

I wanted to officially announce the launch of my business:  Reflecting His Image Christian Life Coaching The focus of my business is reflected in the following description: We  are created in the Image and Likeness of God. This is a business devoted to helping others discover who God designed them to be and encourage those on the [Read More...]

For all your Church Year Needs

Check out, which has lots of resources related to the Church Year. [Read more...]

Hey Western Washington! Mark your Calendars!

A vocational conference for Catholic young adults in Tacoma, WA on June 1, 2013. Spread the word! Barbara Nicolosi Harrington will be leading one of the workshops for those considering careers in Hollywood . The coordinator is Dr. Michele Yi, M.D., who attended my beloved Blessed Sacrament parish when she lived in Seattle. It sounds [Read More...]

Hey Anchorage, Alaska!

A reader writes: Can you please pass on our info and I ask for prayers here in Anchorage, Alaska for our new Prolife apostolate “Catholic Men For Life” Our intention is to grow to a citywide, archdiocese-wide, statewide, and hopefully nationwide movement. Our initial action is a day of prayer on March 23, 2013. The [Read More...]

New Blog!

A reader writes: My name is Charles Ravert and I’m a seminarian in Theology III at St. Charles Seminary in Philadelphia. I’m proud to announce the beginning of our new and official seminary blog entitled Seminarian Casual! We are very excited to begin contributing to the Catholic blogosphere as a seminary community. We are dedicated [Read More...]

Hey Bay Area Catholics!

Interesting doings at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, who write: Please join us for “A year at the Council: A Personal Reminiscence” by Bishop John S. Cummins ¬– the first of a series of discussions designed for Catholics who want to renew their Catholic spirit. Engage with prominent church leaders while they share [Read More...]

Hey Western Washington!

Catholic Professionals of Seattle writes to remind you to mark your calendars for March 1: Hello Catholic Professionals of Seattle, What an interesting it has been for Catholics around the world! The Holy Father’s announcement of his renunciation of the Chair of St. Peter was shocking, but his discernment of God’s will is an inspiring [Read More...]

Hey Maryland!

A Marylander writes: I live in the nutty state of Maryland, and since we already deconstructed marriage last year, this year some members of our senate propose that everyone gets to choose their own gender, as you can see below (I choose butter pecan!). I have been very interested in the whole women in combat [Read More...]

Not That I’m Trying to Influence Your Vote or Anything But…

Vote for “Bad Catholic”!  I love that Marc Barnes dude! Or, if you prefer, maybe you can still register that conscience vote for “Not a Goblin, But a Troll“. [Read more...]

Hey Washington State!

A reader writes: So here’s the thing. It seems that today is the WA abortion lobby’s big day to descend on Olympia and flex their muscle. Their entire focus is the mandatory insurance bill. It is expected to be voted on in the House this Wednesday. If it succeeds there, which most observers expect but [Read More...]