Crunchin’ on a Project

Gone today.  Then  leaving tomorrow for the Hidden Island Redoubt.  So I’ll be scarce.  Also, next week is crazy cuz of the Wedding of the Beloved Cow and his Faire Maid in Chicago on September 8.  So bear with us.  Life is insane at present. [Read more...]

Brett Salkeld writes….

 Dear Mark and readers at Catholic and Enjoying It, Thanks in large part to your support, I have a very legitimate chance at winning the Ph.D. comics 2 Minute Thesis Competition.  My entry, the only theology entry, on transubstantiation was battling it out for first place when something odd happened.  I had been a strong [Read More...]

Perhaps your chance to do a work of mercy

Hyperemesis gravidarum is a debilitating pregnancy-related disease which causes unrelenting nausea and vomiting, extreme weight loss, dehydration and malnutrition.  Too often, it leads to the terrible decision to terminate the pregnancy.   Thankfully, there is now a major medical study of HG being conducted at UCLA. You can help with this worthwhile research!   To [Read More...]

Looking for Work?

If so, try here. [Read more...]

Hey Portland Oregon!

A reader writes: Archdiocese “Journey Together in Hope” and “Viajando Juntos en Esperanza” retreats The Archdiocese every year sponsors these retreats at Aldersgate Retreat Center in Turner, OR to get special needs individuals to at least one Mass a year where nobody is bothered by their non-standard behavior. My family, due to my son Christopher’s [Read More...]

Just so you know…

in addition to the trip to New Mexico and the speaking I’m doing there, I am also in the throes of finishing not one, but two books, as well as churning out all the other stuff I write in order to keep a roof over our heads. Consequently, I’m slow to reply to emails. So [Read More...]

For your Calendar, if you Live Near Vancouver, BC

A reader writes: An event update email I received from Regent College up in Vancouver, Cascadia North includes a couple of items you or your esteemed local readers might appreciate. On July 18th, leading Not-Yet-Catholic scholar Ralph Wood will give a free lecture on Chesterton’s The Flying Inn. And on October 5th and 6th, Ross [Read More...]

Hey, Iowa City, IA!

The Catholic Young Adult Network (The C.Y.A. Network) for the Diocese of Davenport is an exciting new movement within the diocese, created to connect young adult Catholics, ages 18-39, to each other, to their parishes, and to the various ministries available to them. Our goal is know God, love God, and serve God, and to [Read More...]

John Moorehouse of Catholic Men’s Quarterly writes…

I would like to invite your readers to order their Father’s Day present of Catholic Men’s Quarterly and a few Classics Illustrated comics at . The idea for the fundraiser is to set up a traditional affiliate program whereby Catholic schools, homeschool groups, bloggers and others groups can share in our exclusive rights to [Read More...]

Job Opening

A reader writes: I don’t know if any of your readers are interested, but the Diocese of Yakima is looking for someone to take on the role of Director of Campus Ministry at Central Washington University. I know there are a lot of very qualified, recently graduated college seniors out among your readers who would [Read More...]

Off to our Hidden Island Redoubt!

Even a Dark Lord needs a break sometimes so, as is the Shea custom every Memorial Day weekend, we shall be giving ourselves up to four days of jollification and merriment at our Hidden Island Redoubt. There shall be eating of pancakes, extensive walks in wood and on beach, singing, bird-watching, frisbees, wine by the [Read More...]

Much bustle this week

I have a big project I’m pushing through *and* we have to get ready for the Annual Shea Expedition to Our Hidden Island Redoubt. Writing being a zero sum game, something’s gotta give, so I will be scarcer here this week. However, I love you all and am grateful for your readership, so I’ve pre-loaded [Read More...]