Brownback GOP, Having Wrecked Kansas…

…now set about inflicting punishment on the mentally ill.  Sure it’s a disaster in reality, but it works in GOP theory! [Read more…]

Sure it works in reality…

…but will it work in theory? Which is more important, actually addressing the problem or making sure that the poor and marginalized are properly punished? Typical Euro-weenie lack of morals. A truly Calvinized America believes in punishing the weak even if it hurts everybody. Our Trinity of Mammon, Mars, and Venus demand such sacrifices of [Read More…]

A Grateful Ruling Class Thanks the Troops!

…by cutting food stamps and telling them, “We’re ennobling you, soldier!” “If you neglect the poor, you will go to hell.” – Abp. Charles Chaput, summarizing the gospel for people like Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) in the flickering hope they will drop this Darwinian BS, hear and obey before it is too late for them. [Read more…]

One Reason for Not Punishing the Poor

…is that we might be next. [Read more…]

From our Punish the Poor files

… comes this story of a death sentence imposed on a miscreant for her crime of poverty. Meanwhile, a billionaire gets four months for raping a 12 year old and a millionaire Du Pont heir dodges jail for raping a three year old. “Then I will draw near to you for judgment; I will be [Read More…]

One relic of our Puritan heritage…

is that it is more important to punish the poor than to do what is sensible. [Read more…]