“We don’t need a censorship of the press…

we have a censorship by the press.” – G.K. Chesterton Behold! Two papers, both alike in dignity, in fair Austin where we lay our scene. Same paper, same date but pitched to different markets. One geared to help sway the Austin Liberals and the other pitched to a clearly more conservative market. Postmodern journalism for a [Read More…]

CNN completes surgery and hormone therapy…

to transition from a journalism-identifying organization to a FOX propaganda-identifying organization with the hire of Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, as a commentator. [Read more…]

Hijacking Selma

Selma was a remarkable moment in American history when Christian conscience and non-violence met racist brutality and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, overcame it.  Every blow struck against the marchers, like every lash across the back of Jesus, only wound up defeating the evil the devil hoped to inflict.  Commemorating it, like commemorating [Read More…]

In Ye Olden Days, CBS Reported News

These days they work for Barack Milhous Obama in his Dirty Tricks Unit. [Read more…]

Why is it that Comedy Shows are More Educational Than News Shows?

John Oliver offers an epic (and NSFW) rant on behalf of net neutrality so ordinary people can see how crony capitalism and our ruling class mean to screw us this time: Oh, by the way, the answer to my question is: “Because the task of MSM is to sell beer and shampoo–and to get invited [Read More…]

Note to Self: Never Again Accept Uncritically News…

…about the preconciliar Irish Church. Atheist Brendan O’Neill on the Incredible Shrinking Moral Panic ginned up by the Anglosphere media over Tuam. I foolishly forgot my two cardinal rules: 1) the function of media is to sell beer and shampoo and 2) always take of 50 IQ points when the media covers the Church. Make [Read More…]

Since the Job of News is to Sell Beer and Shampoo

…it functions the way dog food commercials function. Did you ever notice that dog food looks, you know, rather appetizing on dog food commercials? That’s because dogs don’t buy dog food. People buy dog food. So you pitch the content to the people, not the dogs. In the same way, our manufacturers of information pitch [Read More…]

Jon Stewart and First Things Find Themselves on the Same Page

Years ago, FT published an essay that eventually became a book: How the News Makes Us Dumb. Now Stewart chronicles the latest in sheer stupid-making news (note: brief nude image): The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on [Read More…]

The Onion is Uncanny Sometimes

This is from 2008: I’m beginning to think that Disney should be hauled before Congressional hearings on charges of massive, decades-long child abuse conspiracy. The toll of children killed and wounded by that Machine is appalling. America’s Paper of Record also posts CNN’s true explanation for using Cyrus to sell beer and shampoo. What? You [Read More…]

TIME to Americans: You are stupid, vapid, self-absorbed narcissists.

      Viewing these covers, a question must be asked: do these moments of marketing (through a choice in covers) reveal more about Americans, or about the state of American journalism? I fear the answer. – Daily Kos If your response is, “That’s a troubling question” you are part of the solution to stupid [Read More…]