How Chemicals Change Us

…except contraceptives and abortificients, which are studiously ignored here. Those are Always Good and, even though they are linked to breast cancer, are Health Care and Catholics must be forced to pay for them at the point of a gun. Can’t say incorrect things that might endanger Unit Cohesion among the tribal readers of the [Read More...]

I don’t know why, but this cracked me up

Smith is one of the few people at FOX who strikes me as honest. He also refused to drink the Kool-Aid for torture when that was the Official Goodthink for FOX’s Ministry of Truth on behalf of Bush/Cheney (NSFW): One of measures of the sickness of the Thing That Used to Be Conservatism is that [Read More...]

New Stupid Media Trick

Step 1: Arrange a debate between Richard Dawkins and Leading Catholic Prelate. Step 2: Allow Dawkins to blather about how Old Testament Jews were a small tribe of ignorant savages and brutal barbarians who were way behind us in their understanding of 21st century moral standards, not to mention in their grasp of biology and [Read More...]