It is Jesus, not Ideology, Who Saves

Mark, why do you hate conservatives? A: I don’t. What I hate is idolatry. Because I’m a Catholic. An idol is always a good thing. Otherwise, nobody would worship it. And conservatism is a good thing, because conserving is good. But the Thing that Used to be Conservatism is no longer good. It has become [Read More…]

The Wacky World of Postmodernism

Postmodern culture is, among other things, all about the subjectivization of everything.  It is, like all heretical impulses, based on part of the truth, but (like heresies) it ignores other truths inconvenient to the heretic to focus on the things it likes. In this case, the truth can be roughly stated this way: when you [Read More…]

Jason Adkins on Seeing Catholic Social Teaching…

…as a way of encountering Jesus Christ, not political ideology: Pope Francis has called us to understand the Church’s structures and institutions through “a missionary key.” He has stated (and tweeted!) that the Church exists for no other reason than to facilitate the encounter between the person and Jesus Christ. All of the Church’s activities [Read More…]